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Excellence in Home Restoration: Courtesy Care Cleaning & Restoration, Inc. Serving Skiatook, OK

Discover top-notch home restoration services at Courtesy Care Cleaning & Restoration, Inc in Skiatook, Oklahoma. Our Skiatook damage restoration team is really good at fixing mold, water and fire damage, and making air ducts super clean. We’ve been doing this for more than 30 years, so you can trust us to take super good care of your home or business.

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Courtesy Care is a local, family-owned business

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Our Comprehensive Restoration Services

Explore the range of services we offer to homeowners and business owners in Skiatook, OK

Mold Removal Skiatook

In Skiatook, our Mold Removal services are all about paying close attention to the small details. Our certified technicians go through thorough checks, finding and getting rid of mold right from its source. We don't just remove the mold you can see; we also take steps to stop it from coming back, making sure your home or business stays healthy in the long run.

Water Restoration Skiatook, OK

When water harms your place in Skiatook, our Water Restoration services quickly and effectively fix things. We're experts at taking out water, drying the structure, and stopping mold to bring your property back to how it was before. Our team is set to handle water damage emergencies right away, making sure it doesn't cause much trouble for your home or business.

Fire Restoration Skiatook

Following a fire, our Fire Restoration services in Skiatook go beyond surface-level fixes. We understand the emotional toll of fire damage and work diligently to restore both the structure and sentimental aspects of your property. Our complete plan involves removing waste, wiping away smoke and smells, and rebuilding efforts to bring your space back to life.

Air Duct Cleaning Skiatook

Breathe in cleaner, healthier air with our Air Duct Cleaning services in Skiatook. Over time, air ducts gather dust, allergens, and stuff that can make the air not so great. Our skilled technicians use fancy equipment to really clean and make the air ducts germ-free. Count on us to make the air in your place better and save energy by cleaning the air ducts like pros!


Our Restoration Process

Efficiently fixing your property after damage is our main goal. We start by carefully checking everything, then we make a plan just for you. Our skilled workers use special tools and approved methods to make sure everything gets fixed from start to finish.

Thorough Assessment

When we fix up your place, we begin by really looking at what needs fixing. Our team checks everything carefully and writes down all the things that are broken. This is super important because it helps us make a plan that covers everything that needs to be fixed, so we don't miss anything important.

Personalized Plan

After checking everything out, we create a special plan just for you. Whether it's water damage, fire damage, or mold causing trouble, our aim is to find a solution that fits your place and what you like. We want to make sure the fix-up process is smooth and just right for you, matching your property and your preferences.

Advanced Equipment and Techniques

Courtesy Care Cleaning & Restoration, Inc excels in restoration, prioritizing quality results. With cutting-edge tools and skilled technicians, we ensure swift, thorough restoration, minimizing downtime and preventing further damage. Our commitment to staying updated guarantees meticulous and efficient service, reviving your property with precision and expertise.

About Claremore, OK

Skiatook, Oklahoma, is a charming town surrounded by nature’s beauty. Located in the heart of Oklahoma, it offers a peaceful atmosphere with friendly locals and a calming vibe. The town is home to Skiatook Lake, a fantastic spot for outdoor activities like fishing, boating, and hiking on scenic trails. Skiatook hosts various events, creating a sense of community where everyone feels like part of a welcoming family. With its picturesque surroundings and welcoming spirit, Skiatook is truly a special place.

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