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Excellence in Home Restoration: Courtesy Care Cleaning & Restoration, Inc. Serving Claremore, OK

Courtesy Care Cleaning & Restoration, Inc. offers awesome home fixing services in Claremore, Oklahoma. Our Claremore damage restoration experts can fix mold, clean up water and fire messes, and clean air ducts. We’ve been doing this for over thirty years, so we really know our stuff. We’ll make sure your home or business gets the best care possible.

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Courtesy Care is a local, family-owned business

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Our Comprehensive Restoration Services

Check out all the things we can do to help people who live in homes and run businesses in Claremore, OK:

Mold Removal Claremore

Our thorough Mold Removal services in Claremore focus on being really careful. Certified experts check everything closely, finding and getting rid of mold right from where it starts. We don't just remove the mold you already have; we also make sure it doesn't come back, so your home or business stays safe and healthy for a long time.

Water Restoration Claremore, OK

In Claremore, when your property faces water damage, our Water Restoration services offer rapid and efficient solutions. Focusing on water extraction, structural drying, and mold prevention, our goal is to bring your property back to its pre-damage state. Our team is ready to swiftly respond to water damage emergencies, reducing the impact on your home or business.

Fire Restoration Claremore

In Claremore, after a fire, our Fire Restoration services do more than just fix things on the surface. We know fires can be tough emotionally, so we work hard to make sure your place feels right again, inside and out. We clean up all the mess, get rid of smoke smells, and rebuild anything that got damaged. It's like giving your home a fresh start.

Air Duct Cleaning Claremore

Make the air inside your place better with our Air Duct Cleaning services in Claremore. Over time, dust, allergens, and yucky stuff build up in your air ducts. Our team uses special tools to clean them out really well, so the air you breathe is fresh and doesn't make you sneeze. You can trust us to make your home's air cleaner and save energy with our air duct cleaning services.


Our Restoration Process

We have a special way of fixing things up to make your place just like it was before any problems. First, we look at everything really closely, and then we make a plan that’s just for you. Our expert team uses cutting-edge equipment and approved methods to make sure everything gets fixed up perfectly from start to finish.

Thorough Assessment

We start fixing things by looking really closely at what's broken in your place. Our experienced team checks everything out carefully, writing down all the details to see how bad the damage is. This is super important because it helps us make a plan to fix everything up just right, without missing anything important.

Personalized Plan

Once we've checked everything, we make a special plan just for you to fix up your place. Whether it's fixing water damage, fire damage, or dealing with mold, we aim to find the best way to make things right for your home, just the way you like it.

Advanced Equipment and Techniques

At Courtesy Care Cleaning & Restoration, Inc., we use top-notch tools and methods to fix things up. Our team knows how to use the latest gadgets to make the fixing process faster. We keep learning about new stuff in our field to make sure we do a great job, so your place looks awesome again.

About Claremore, OK

Claremore, Oklahoma, located in Rogers County, is a community rich in history and culture. Known as the birthplace of the renowned American humorist, Will Rogers, Claremore covers its historical significance with pride. The city offers an array of traditional attraction and modern amenities, including scenic parks, sports venues, and an energetic downtown area. Claremore, the location of Rogers State University, offers educational options that add to the city’s vibrant atmosphere. Claremore provides a pleasant atmosphere for both locals and visitors because of its friendly citizens, a wide range of local businesses, and a variety of activities to do.

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We offer mold remediation, water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, and air duct cleaning services.

Fire damage restoration includes debris removal, smoke and smell prevention, structural repairs, and cleaning.

Yes, we offer 24/7 emergency restoration services for urgent needs.

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