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Excellent work. Would recommend to anyone needing their A/C ducts cleaned.

John Sawyer

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Kitchen vent cleaning is an often-overlooked area of maintenance in a kitchen, but failure to keep your vent clean can result in a grease fire. Over time, the exhaust fan, vent pipe, and vent hood can all become coated in grease.

Vent hood cleaning should be left to the professionals, and we can provide a free audit to help you make sure your vent hood is in good condition and help reduce the risk of a kitchen fire. It is important to clean vent hoods regularly, and we can help you establish a cleaning schedule to keep your vent hoods clean and well maintained.

We are certified to clean kitchen exhaust systems through PAC Kitchen Exhaust Certification. We have the right training, education, and equipment to ensure your kitchen’s vent hood and duct is clean and safe.

Our Cleaning Process

  1. Remove grease filters from the system
  2. Set up water containment
  3. Scrape area behind the filters where needed
  4. Pre-spray degreaser on exhaust fan
  5. Rinse exhaust fan with high pressure hot water
  6. Clean duct-work from the fan to the vent hood
  7. Pre-spray inside of vent hood
  8. Rinse vent hood with high pressure hot water
  9. Remove containment and dispose of plastic.
  10. Dry inside of vent hood
  11. Polish inside of vent hood
  12. Put back vent hood filters
  13. Replace sticker for ‘next cleaning due’ dates

What Parts of the system are NOT cleaned?

  • We do not clean the filters themselves. These should be done on a more regular basis normally by the kitchen staff.
  • Outside of the vent hood – A lot of restaurants use the outside of the hood to hang paperwork, menus or cooking utensils.

We are Certified Vent Hood Cleaning Pros

When you choose Courtesy Care, you can rest assured that you are getting the best service from a certified professional. A lot of vent hood companies just clean the fan bowl and the vent hood, leaving the fan blades and ductwork greasy and covered in grime.

At Courtesy Care, we make sure everything is throughly cleaned. We utilize a high pressure hot water system to effectively clear away sticky grease residue. Our hot water system works better than a conventional cold water pressure washer at removing grease and buildup from kitchen hoods and vents.

I liked that they put a piece of cardboard over the vents while cleaning so there was very little dust.

Tracy Strachan

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