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Tackling a Shut-Off Knob Under the Kitchen Sink in Coffeyville, KS

At Courtesy Care Cleaning & Restoration, we recently completed a project tackling water mitigation in Coffeyville, KS. An elderly couple experienced a sudden water leak in their kitchen, dining room, and foyer due to a shut-off knob under the kitchen sink blowing off. With no gas to keep the home warm, the couple faced a challenging situation. Here’s how we helped them restore their home back to normal.

A Challenge of Our Senior Clients

The incident occurred when the homeowner moved a heater away from the kitchen sink, causing the shut-off knob to break off and the water to run freely for 45 minutes. The homeowners managed to soak up as much water as possible with towels and prevent it from spreading to the living room. However, water seeped into the kitchen cabinet interior, under the sink, and possibly under appliances. Given the couple’s age, they were unable to move the appliances to check for further damage.

How We Tackled This Shut-Off Knob

Here are the steps we took to solve this issue for our clients in Coffeyville, KS.

Assessment and Initial Mitigation

When we arrived, we first ensured the home was safe and turned off any remaining water sources. The home had no gas, making the environment even more urgent to tackle.

  • Inspection: We inspected the affected areas using moisture meters to detect water levels. The kitchen was the most heavily impacted area, with water found inside the kitchen cabinets and potential moisture under appliances.
  • Equipment Setup: To start the drying process, we set up 2 injectors inside the cabinets and placed 3 radials around the appliances to target moisture effectively. A dehumidifier was also installed to reduce overall humidity in the area.
  • Crawlspace Check: We inspected the crawlspace and found minimal moisture in a small area, which we tackled right away.

Continued Monitoring and Adjustment

On the second day, we came to monitor the drying progress. Our team checked the moisture levels again to ensure that the equipment was working effectively. The injectors and radials were adjusted as needed to target any remaining damp spots.

Dry Standard Reached

By the third day, we reached the dry standard. Our moisture meters showed that the affected areas were now dry. We carefully removed all equipment, ensuring that the homeowners could return to their normal routine without any disruptions.

Successful Moisture Control and Satisfied Clients

The water mitigation project in Coffeyville was a success. Our fast and thorough approach minimized damage and prevented further issues. The homeowners were relieved and grateful for our quick response and professional service. At Courtesy Care Cleaning & Restoration, we take pride in helping our community by providing reliable and efficient water mitigation services.

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