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Damage Restoration Case Study After a Pipe Burst in Bartlesville, OK

Job Type: Water Damage Restoration
Client: Residential Homeowner
Location: Bartlesville, OK
Rooms Affected: Bedroom, Office, Bathroom, Pantry, Dining Room, Kitchen, Hallway, Laundry Room, Living Room

Project Overview

At Courtesy Care Cleaning & Restoration, we understand that unexpected water damage can turn a homeowner’s life upside down. Our recent water damage restoration Bartlesville, OK project, exemplifies our commitment to swift and effective solutions for homeowners facing such challenges.

Our client, Ms. Webb, a Bartlesville resident, contacted us when she discovered a mysterious water leak wreaking havoc in her home. Unable to pinpoint the source, she wisely engaged Roto Rooter, who identified the issue to be within the wall between her kitchen and bathroom.

The Challenge

With the city water supply shut off, Ms. Webb patiently waited a week and a half for a plumber to address the issue — a copper line supplying one of the bathroom sinks. Meanwhile, a significant portion of her home, including the bedroom, office, bathroom, pantry, dining room, kitchen, hallway, laundry room, and living room, suffered water damage. The water had permeated all floor areas, affecting the vinyl tile flooring, baseboards, and furniture, especially the bathroom vanity.

Our Approach

  1. Immediate Action: Upon arrival, we quickly extracted standing water, preventing further damage to the property. Our prompt response minimized the impact of water exposure on the affected areas.
  2. Strategic Equipment Placement: We used state-of-the-art equipment, including Air Movers and Dehumidifiers, to initiate the drying process efficiently. Our careful placement of these devices maximized their effectiveness in targeting damp spaces, speeding up the overall restoration timeline.
  3. Moisture Detection: Our team used advanced Moisture Detectors to identify hidden pockets of moisture, ensuring a comprehensive drying process. By pinpointing areas with elevated moisture levels, we could concentrate our efforts on thorough drying, preventing potential secondary issues such as mold growth.
  4. Communication and Expectation Setting: Recognizing the extended timeline due to plumbing delays, we communicated transparently with Ms. Webb. We explained the restoration process, managing her expectations and providing reassurance. Our open communication fostered trust, allowing Ms. Webb to feel informed and confident throughout the restoration journey.
  5. Health Considerations: Ms. Webb shared her health concerns, leading us to advise her on potential risks associated with microbial growth. Our commitment to her well-being emphasized our client-centric approach. We took additional precautions to minimize health risks, ensuring a safe environment for Ms. Webb during and after the restoration process.


While challenges were numerous, our proactive approach and cutting-edge equipment ensured the successful extraction of water and initiation of the drying process. As we await the plumber’s resolution, Courtesy Care Cleaning & Restoration remains steadfast in our commitment to restoring Ms. Webb’s home to its pre-damage state.

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