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Why Trying To Repair Water Damage Yourself Is A Huge Mistake

water-damaged-insulationWith resources like Google and YouTube, it is easy to think that there are no home repair problems that you can’t tackle on your own. But when it comes to water damage, trying to clean it up and fix it yourself would be a big mistake. There are a lot of unexpected challenges you might face. Here are some of the biggest reasons you should never try to tackle water damage repairs by yourself.

1. Water Damage Comes With Mold

It takes as little as twenty-four hours for mold to begin to form after water damage occurs. Mold is very bad for your health and should be taken very seriously. They are difficult to clean completely, and it is best to let a professional restoration company handle getting rid of the toxic spores that can be easily missed for you. If you have water damage, you can be almost positive that you also have mold.

2. Water Damage Might Extend Further Than You Originally Thought

Whether a pipe has burst in your home, a bathtub has overflown, or an appliance has broken, you might not realize the extent or severity of the water damage that has come with it. Drying up your floors and walls with towels and electric fans will not be enough to make sure that the moisture is completely removed. Water might have seeped under your floors and into your walls, affecting your home’s insulation, drywall, and the other materials that make up the bones of your house. The moisture will not be able to properly ventilate there, so it will only continue to cause damage over time. A water damage restoration company will have the proper equipment to remove all of the water, even from the areas of your home you do not realize were damaged. They will also be able to make the proper repairs to restore your home.

3. Water Damage Can Harm Your Home’s Foundation

Because water damage often extends further than you think, one of the worst ways it can affect your home is if it seeps into your house’s foundation. Over time, it can weaken the structural integrity of your home, causing cement to soften or crack. This is a huge problem to have, and the repairs to fix this will be a lot more extensive than simply removing moisture.

4. It Will Cost Less Money To Hire A Professional Water Damage Restoration Company

The biggest reason people try to tackle home projects on their own is that they think it will be cheaper than hiring a professional to do it. However, water damage that is not properly and completely taken care of will only cause further problems for you, leading to more extensive and expensive home repairs. By allowing a professional restoration company to help you with the water damage now, you will save yourself from having to pay for more repairs in the future.

Water Damage Restoration—Tulsa, Oklahoma

If you have water damage in your Tulsa home, do not try to fix it yourself. Call the Bartlesville water damage restoration professionals at Courtesy Care to help you remove the damage so you can have peace of mind that your home is safe and you will not need more repairs later.

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