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Oxygen, moisture and some sort of food source are all that is necessary for mold spores to grow. Some of the most common areas you can see mold thriving are in bathrooms, underneath the kitchen cabinets, in piles of damp laundry and sometimes in wood flooring. Now, you might be thinking and asking yourself if it can grow in these areas, can it grow on area rugs, too? The answer is yes!

What Are the Most Common Signs of Spore Growth?

Mold can grow on area rugs that are in high foot traffic locations where moisture is high. This is because dirt, dust and food sources that fungus can grow off of get tracked in by your feet and trapped inside the rug. Next, all the area rug would need is exposure to moisture and oxygen, which are usually always readily available in entryways, kitchens, bathrooms, porches, basements and any area that has experienced water damage of some sort. Once the spores start growing on area rugs, you might begin recognizing the signs of the growth soon afterwards.

What Are the Signs of Spore Growth in Area Rugs?

Sometimes, spore growth never shows signs on the surface of area rugs. Most of the time, you will find growth starting underneath the rugs. This is because moisture, dirt and grime travel deep into the fibers of the rugs and become trapped. This creates the perfect living conditions for the spores to grow rapidly. Once the growth of mold starts, you should begin noticing a mildewy, damp smell coming from the rug. This is usually one of the first signs people notice when dangerous spore growth is occurring. By this time, your area rug usually becomes unsalvageable, depending on what type it is, but there are some cleaning products and services out there that can sometimes remove the spores from these rugs. Other signs you may notice are:

  • Darkening areas on the rug
  • Wetness or dampness that doesn’t go away
  • Actual spores growing on the rug

What Needs to Occur if Area Rugs Have Mold Growth?

If your area rug is full of spore growth, you will most likely need to toss it out. Once the growth occurs, it is impossible to get rid of it. With that said, there are some cleaning products and services out there that can cleanse spore growth from area rugs if it is mild. Again, this depends on the style of rug it is. Some of the remedies that tend to work for killing mold and removing it from rugs are bleach, sea salt, hydrogen peroxide and mold removing cleansers, but these solutions are not safe for all area rugs.If you do not know what you are doing, it is wise to call in cleaning professionals.

What Are Some Final Thoughts to Keep in Mind?

If you are unsure if your area rugs are salvageable, or if you need help with handling a mold issue in your home, call Courtesy Care. We are cleaning professionals with the experience necessary to handle messy spore situations. After all, this kind of situation needs to be handled with proper care in order to have spore growth safely and effectively removed from your home, so it doesn’t come back. If left untreated, the spores can spread and cause more damage to your home while also causing chronic health problems, which could become dangerous and costly. So, stay safe and take steps to get of rid the problem as soon as you recognize the signs of spore growth starting.


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