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Indoor mold is something every homeowner and property manager must guard against. Left untreated, mold can expand to ruin structures, walls, ceilings, floor and windows, which can lead to expensive repair work. Here are reasons why mold removal must be addressed quickly to protect your property.

Why Mold Must Be Prevented

Mold develops as a result of moisture, potentially leading to allergies and other health issues. For individuals with weak immune systems, mold can be pretty serious. Furthermore, mold can damage furniture, carpeting and even insulation between walls. Both outdoor and indoor molds are fungi that disperse microparticles called spores into the air. These spores act as seeds and are capable of multiplying into colonies.

These colonies thrive in moist environments, such as damp carpets. Mold is a health hazard when spores spread allergens and other harmful substances that can trigger severe allergic reactions such as irritation of the eyes, skin and lungs. It is vital that people suffering from asthma avoid contact with mold.

Mold Removal Basics

Not all mold can be easily removed from surfaces, which is why it helps to have a seasoned technician inspect your property to assess the damage. Strong household cleaners can remove a certain amount of mold, but once the mold has covered bathroom walls or shower doors, it may take much more effort that you are willing to perform for restoration.

The best way to contain mold is to clean it within a few days of exposure. It also helps to find the source of the problem, such as water leaks. Professional technicians can protect your property further by using state-of-the-art equipment to increase air circulation in your home. They can also provide advice for which rooms need fans installed for better ventilation.

Tips on Black Mold Removal 

When black mold sets in and covers over a few square feet, it’s imperative to stop the spread of this damage, which typically combines with a musty odor. When cleaning such mold, you must be cognizant not to breathe in high concentrations of spores and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which vaporize at room temperature. Here are cleanup tips for black mold:

  • wear goggles, gloves and special respirators
  • use a disposable old box fan to ventilate the room
  • tape cardboard around window openings to block spores
  • dispose of moldy carpeting in double plastic garbage bags
  • moisten mold with a garden sprayer
  • contain spores by turning off HVAC functions over ducts

Be aware that the more damage caused by moisture, the larger amount of mold you will need to control. For additional information on mold prevention, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers various mold cleanup information guides for homeowners. These fact sheets include cleaning tips, advice on what to wear, workplace safety and more.

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