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Vent Hood Cleaning

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Vent Hood Cleaning


Vent Hood Cleaning is very important to limit the risk of grease fires. Make sure you leave the cleaning to the professionals. We strive to give you the best cleaning and service. We can come do a FREE audit to help you make sure your vent hood is in good condition to help prevent the risk of a kitchen fire.

Our Process:

1.) Remove grease filters.
2.) Set up water containment to prevent excessive water splatter and prevent food contamination.
3.) Pre-spray degreaser on exhaust on exhaust fan to emulsify grease.
4.) Rinse with high pressure hot water to remove the grease.
5.) Pre-spray degreaser down vent pipe.
6.) Rinse with high pressure hot water.
7.) Pre-spray degreaser on vent hood.
8.) Rinse with high pressure hot water.
9.) Pre-spray vent hood filters.
10.) Rinse with high pressure hot water.
11.) Wipe down inside of vent hood.
12.) Remove containment.
13.) Wipe down outside vent hood.
14.) Stainless steal polish vent hood on kitchen side of filters.


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