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Upholstery Cleaning

Wood furniture is dusted, floors are mopped, counters are wiped and bed linens are changed, but how is upholstery kept clean?

In many households, it isn’t.

Instead, dirt and grime accumulates over time that goes unnoticed until a cushion is reversed and the difference in appearance can be seen.


So, what’s the solution?

Dirt breaks down the fibers of the upholstery over time causing permanent stains if not treated, says Courtesy Care Manager, Tim Heath.

This leads some to replace upholstered furniture but there is a more cost-effective solution — have a certified technician from Courtesy Care evaluate the situation.

Free in-home estimates:

Courtesy Care offers free in-home estimates by certified technicians.

For your convenience, upholstery may be cleaned in your home in most cases.

Customers can also bring their cushions to Courtesy Care for cleaning. Courtesy Care recommends customers leave covers on the cushions when they bring them for cleaning.

Our technicians clean, deodorize and apply stain-removal products to your upholstery, which removes dirt, refreshes and improves its overall appearance.

Courtesy Care’s low moisture wet-cleaning process doesn’t soak the cushions, but does thoroughly clean them, says Manager Tim Heath.

Preventative Steps:

After cleaning, what preventative steps are recommended?

Courtesy Care can apply a protective product to reduce discoloration until your next cleaning appointment.

Establish a regular professional cleaning schedule, based on the level of use in your household, to preserve and maintain upholstered furniture.