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Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning

At Courtesy Care we deliver only the best quality service and care towards your rugs. Rugs require a high level of care and attention to detail to clean them effectively. Part of this is due to the fact that area and Oriental rugs are all different and are made using various materials. Many rugs are handcrafted, giving them a unique quality that simply can’t be replicated.

Most area and Oriental rugs are made out of wool, silk, or cotton. It takes a professional to accurately assess the state of your area and Oriental rugs and then clean them effectively based on their material and construction. Fortunately, our technicians at Courtesy Care are very skilled in doing exactly that.

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Visit our Rug Video Library to watch informative videos about how area rugs are made and how you can care for your rugs so they last a lifetime.

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Expert Care for Your Rugs

Area and Oriental rugs add a dimension of class and sophistication to your home, but they can’t be fully enjoyed if they are dirty, stained, or damaged. Let our technicians at Courtesy Care be the ones you trust to take care of your rugs. We promise an unmatched level of personal service and attention along with the best cleaning available for your area and Oriental rugs. Contact us today!

Our Rug Cleaning Process

Step 1: Pre-Inspection and Pick Up

Similar to a doctor, our technicians will examine your rugs to learn all of its inherent qualities and what it will take to clean it effectively. Then, they will outline their “prescription” for your rug. You will know exactly what will be done and the extent to which our technician believes it will clean your rug.

Step 2: Dry Soil Removal

Woven rugs, especially hand-knotted rugs, are designed to hide dry soil. A few years ago, the Eureka company did a study and found that a 9 x 12 could hide a whopping 87 POUNDS of dirt! We use a variety of techniques to “dust” the rugs from the front and back. A machine called a rug duster, special vacuum attachments, and many other methods may be implemented. This is the most important step in cleaning any textile.

Step 3: Pre-Condition

Depending on fiber content and soiling type, the rug will be pre-treated to emulsify
the soils. Essentially, this step brings out the most difficult soil spots of the rug so they are prepared to be cleaned over the next couple steps.

Step 4: Pre-Spot and Fringe Preparation

Any potentially difficult spots will be pre-treated with special solutions to increase chances of removal. The fringe is also pre-treated for maximum soil removal.

Step 5: Shampoo

We will only clean your rug with the best quality industrial-grade shampoos available to maximize the cleanliness of your rug.

Step 6: Rinse or Wash

Depending on the type of rug, it will be rinsed with extraction equipment or washed in a wash pit designed especially for Oriental rugs.

Step 7: Speed Dry

Once the soil is rinsed away, the rug is dried flat or hung to dry in a controlled environment. Proper drying is essential to avoid unnatural shrinkage. We take the time and effort necessary to dry your rug in the safest, most effective manner. We don’t believe in cutting corners.

Step 8: Finishing

Once your rug is dry, we will comb and finish it with soft groomers specifically made for high end area and Oriental rugs.

Step 9: Post Inspection and Delivery Inspection and Delivery

Our cleaning specialist will give the rug a final inspection and release it for pick-up or delivery. Your rug will be wrapped in brown craft paper to protect it from dust and environmental soils until it is picked up or delivered. Upon delivery, we will lay the rug for you.


Q: How long does it take to get my oriental rug back if I have it cleaned in Courtesy Care's Shop?

A: Generally turn around time is approximately one week. Occasionally the time to process your rug will take longer due to volume of rugs to be cleaned or unforeseen difficulties such as fiber browning that must be corrected.

We will usually call you within the day your rug has completed drying and been pronounced finished. If we have not called you within the week, feel free to call and check on the status of your rug before coming in to pick it up. This can save you an unnecessary trip if the rug is not finished.

Q: Can my oriental rug be cleaned in my home?

A: Largely it depends on what type of fiber your rug is made of.

Synthetic rugs are typically made of Olefin or Nylon which are common fibers used in standard wall to wall carpeting, so in many cases, these rugs may be safely cleaned in the home. There are times though when extreme soiling or lack of place to put a wet rug will make it more convenient for you tao have us clean the rug in our plant.

Rugs made of wool, silk, cotton or other natural fibers; require a completely different cleaning method. This method can only be performed in plant. This has many additional benefits, including the opportunity for us to check the rug out after it has dried to catch any recurring spots or browning that may have occurred. Acrylic, despite being a synthetic fiber, must be cleaned in a similar fashion to natural fiber rugs and hence should always be cleaned in plant.

Q: My pets had several 'accidents' on my rug, can anything that can be done for it?

A: When we are talking about pet accidents, we must distinguish between the odor from the accident and the discoloration or stain that results from it.

Treatment for odor can be attempted by two different methods. Topically, where a solution is applied to the top of the rug and we do what we can, or by a more expensive, but guaranteed treatment that involves soaking your rug in solutions for extended periods of time. This method is guaranteed, but more expensive.

The staining left behind from pet urine can often be extremely difficult to remove from a natural fibers rug, such as wool, silk or cotton. We are always happy to attempt to do all we can, but if the rug is discolored, it is often permanent.

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