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Call the Tile Cleaning Pros! | Courtesy Care

Even when cleaned on a regular basis, tile has a way of becoming dirty beyond what normal means can correct. Tile in the kitchen and the bathroom are often exposed not only to normal wear and tear, but also excessive moisture and bacteria. When not properly cleaned, it puts you and everyone else at risk from bacteria- or mold-related illnesses.

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How Often Should My Floor Tiles Be Deep Cleaned? | Cleaning Services

A tile floor is one of the best floors you can have. That’s because tile is waterproof, durable, and gives you so many options to choose from in terms of style and color. Most importantly, unlike hardwood and carpet, tile doesn’t require a lot of maintenance work. For these reasons, many homeowners prefer to have their floors tiled. If you’ve

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Trust Your Tile Cleaning To The Pros! | Courtesy Care Bartlesville, OK

Tile cleaning is a deceptively simple-looking task that most homeowners dread doing. Apart from being tedious, it can also be time-consuming and stressful. Bathrooms, kitchens, walkways and laundry rooms are among the most commonly tiled areas in homes; all are high-traffic areas that get exposed to a lot of dirt. You might think that cleaning tiles using household cleaners and store-bought chemicals is

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Forget the Toothbrush Method! Let Us Clean Your Tile

Have you ever gotten down on your hands and knees to clean tiles with a toothbrush and cleaning solution?  Hours later, after it is all said and done, do your tiles even look like you washed them?  Probably not! You want to leave tile cleaning up to the professionals at Courtesy Care. Our team can follow a tried and true approach to tile

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In Need of Some Serious Tile Cleaning ? | Courtesy Care NWA

In this modern era, homeowners are increasingly finding tiles as an excellent choice for flooring.  This is attributable to the cohesiveness and enhanced functionality of this flooring material. During the winter season, you will need to extensively clean on your tiles, primarily because they will probably be subjected to a lot of foot traffic. While tiles are known to be

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