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Top 5 Places Mold Is Hiding In Your Home

Have you ever pulled out a loaf of bread to make yourself your favorite sandwich, only to find that the slice you pull out has been infected by little bluish or white blobs? You may recognize those blobs as mold and can toss out the loaf before it poses any real harm. However, did you know that your bread bag

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Remove Mold, Don’t Spread It

When you experience large-scale water damage, your first properties are to stop the leak, then repair. One of the consequences of a sloppy clean up is that mold in the original area could spread to other areas of the home. Technology has improved our ability to control mold but understanding mold (and how it spreads) will help you choose a

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Should I Test My House for Mold? | Courtesy Care Restoration

Your home is your safe space. It’s where you go to relax and decompress from the stress of daily life. So the idea of something in your home may make you sick shouldn’t sit well. Mold doesn’t always appear as large blots of green fuzz on the side of a wall. It doesn’t always smell musty and it doesn’t only

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Could Humidity Be Causing Mold in My Home? | Courtesy Care Restoration

When the air is warmer, especially during the spring and summer seasons, it can hold more moisture. Unfortunately, mold and mildew thrive in high humidity. In a dark, warm, humid environment, just one or two microscopic spores can become a severe infestation. It can grow behind wallpaper, underneath carpeting, inside insulation, in your HVAC system’s duct work, and just about

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Smelly Mold? We Offer Fast Mold Removal Services! | Cleaning Services

Indoor mold is something every homeowner and property manager must guard against. Left untreated, mold can expand to ruin structures, walls, ceilings, floor and windows, which can lead to expensive repair work. Here are reasons why mold removal must be addressed quickly to protect your property. Why Mold Must Be Prevented Mold develops as a result of moisture, potentially leading

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