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mold damage job in bartlesville

An AC Drain Line Backup Caused Water and Mold Damage in This Bartlesville Home 

At Courtesy Care Cleaning & Restoration, we recently completed a water damage restoration and mold removal project for a valued homeowner in Bartlesville, OK. Ms. Henry, our client, faced a concerning situation when her A/C condensation drain line backed up, leading to moisture intrusion and microbial growth in several areas of her home. Our expert team swiftly addressed the issue,

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Mold In Older Homes

Over time, all homes exposed to excessive moisture often develop mold and mildew problems. In the Ozarks, moisture-related mold growth can occur in any type of house. The problem is more likely to occur in older homes because moisture more readily seeps through cracked foundations and leaky pipes, even inside walls. Also, these microorganisms literally eat away at its host

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Why And How You Should Tackle Mold In Your Home Immediately

Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of remembering a fruit or vegetable you bought two weeks ago and deciding that you’re excited to put it to use, only to find that you’ve forgotten about it for too long and it now is teeming with mold? It’s such a bummer. Not only do you have to clean it up, but

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