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How Often Should My Carpet Be Cleaned? | Cleaning Services

A professional carpet cleaning instantly restores your carpeting. It takes on the appearance of when you first had it installed or when you first moved into your home. It rids the carpeting of dirt, stains, pet dander and smells. However, how often should you realistically have the carpet cleaned? Courtesy Care is here to help […]

The Best Daily Steps to Help Preserve Your Oriental Rug | Cleaning Services

You’ve invested a great deal into a quality oriental rug. These beautiful, ornate decorations are handcrafted works of art that, if properly kept, can last generations. But how do you best take care of your oriental rug on a daily basis in order to ensure it stands the test of time? Beyond the recommended oriental rug […]

Carpet Cleaning Services by Only the Best! | Courtesy Care

Having your carpet cleaning done properly can be the difference between an unhealthy winter inside your home and a more pleasant winter overall. A clean carpet is part of a healthy home and provides peace of mind until the spring thaw. With the right technicians and great response times, Courtesy Care will help you have your […]

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