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Can My Area Rug Get Mold? | Cleaning Services

Oxygen, moisture and some sort of food source are all that is necessary for mold spores to grow. Some of the most common areas you can see mold thriving are in bathrooms, underneath the kitchen cabinets, in piles of damp laundry and sometimes in wood flooring. Now, you might be thinking and asking yourself if it can grow in these areas, can it grow

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Does Your Area Rug Have a Musty Odor? | Cleaning Services

Strange smells are fairly prevalent issues with rugs of different constructions and fibers. However, some rugs smell downright horrendous, and if that’s what you’re experiencing, you’re probably wondering what’s to blame and how to get rid of the offensive odor. If you detect a musty odor in your home, you probably have a moisture problem that’s caused by a leaky roof,

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How Often Should I Deep Clean My Area Rugs? | Cleaning Services

The typical homeowner lets their area rug build up dirt until it becomes visible before having a deep cleaning performed. Most people have no idea about how frequently their area rugs should be cleaned. This lack of awareness is perfectly understandable, since the frequency of area rug deep cleanings is not exactly a common point of discussion in the mainstream media.

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Top Five Area Rug Cleaning Tips | Courtesy Care NWA

Area rugs are stylish and fashionable home accessories, which serve to make your home beautiful, cozy and inviting. However, these rugs are often exposed to heavy foot traffic, making them susceptible to dirt, dust, mud, oil, and odor on a daily basis. It is vital to keep your area rugs clean to prevent microbes and dust mites from gathering inside

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Need an Area Rug Cleaned? We’ve got You Covered!

Area rugs are both pretty and functional items that can completely change the look of a room, but unfortunately they can also be quite delicate. When it comes time to clean them, are you sure that you can do the job without damaging them? There are a multitude of reasons why the rugs in your home deserve a proper cleaning –

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