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Using a Fireplace this Winter Season? | Fire Damage Bartlesville, OK

If you have your own fireplace, then odds are you’re going to use it throughout the winter to help create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home. Though, use comes with wear and tear, and it means fire damage restoration service is needed in the future. It is important that you take the following […]

Do Not Wax Your Wood Floors! | Wood Floor Cleaning with Courtesy Care

There’s nothing like the pure beauty of wood flooring. No matter the kind of wood, the stain applied, or if it is stain and color free, the organic appearance of wood impresses on many levels. As a natural material, proper care and maintenance is necessary. Wood floor cleaning in your home can be done several […]

Dealing with Frozen Pipes this Winter Season? | Water Damage Cleanup

Winter temperatures can put some of your pipes at risk of freezing. When this occurs, the water inside these pipes can put a significant amount of pressure on them, causing them to burst. If frozen pipes burst, they can cause serious water damage in your home. Keep the following tips on frozen pipes in mind […]

Dryer Vent Cleaning is a MUST in the Winter | Courtesy Care Tips

According to the U.S Fire Administration, a  2,900 home fire incidents reported each year in the U.S are caused by clothes dryers. Over the years, these fires have caused millions of dollars in property damage, severe injuries and even death. The U.S. Fire Administration states that failure to properly maintain dryer vents, especially in the […]

In Need of Some Serious Tile Cleaning ? | Courtesy Care NWA

In this modern era, homeowners are increasingly finding tiles as an excellent choice for flooring.  This is attributable to the cohesiveness and enhanced functionality of this flooring material. During the winter season, you will need to extensively clean on your tiles, primarily because they will probably be subjected to a lot of foot traffic. While […]

Fire Place Safety Tips | Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

There’s nothing quite like having your own fireplace to enjoy during the winter season. Who doesn’t like cozying up to the heat of a small, crackling fire? However, if you have a fireplace, you need to be aware of the risk of fire and smoke damage. The following are a few fireplace safety tips that you […]

Be Mindful of Your Space Heater | Fire Damage Restoration

During winter, there is an increase in the use of space heaters in both homes and offices. It is important to understand the working of your heater to steer clear of the dangers associated with improper use. It can help reduce the likelihood of fire-related accidents in homes and office buildings. You must be careful […]

Cut Down on Winter Illnesses | Air Ducts | Northwest Arkansas

Attention, Arkansas Homeowners, and Property Managers Air duct cleaning helps to eliminate or significantly decrease allergies and odors in homes. Getting air ducts professionally cleaned is a great way to start the winter season on a high note. Odors Do you notice a definite, strange odor in your home as soon as you start up your […]

Combat Fire & Smoke Damage | Courtesy Care Bartlesville, OK

If you’ve experienced a fire disaster in your home, a quick solution to fire and smoke damage is to get professionals on the scene as quickly as possible. Damage caused by fire, smoke, and water can set in and be permanent within a very short amount of time.  A professional will complete an assessment and […]

How Carpet Cleaning is Done Properly | Courtesy Care Northwest Arkansas

After a fire, a flood or even a long time without a deep cleaning, it can be difficult to get carpet cleaning done properly. Too often, it feels as if the company you hire is working for the insurance company instead of for you. The company may also be handling your carpet cleaning in the […]

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