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The Top 7 Ways to Prevent Water Damage While Your on Vacation | Courtesy Care Restoration

It can’t get much worse for a homeowner than returning from a vacation to water damage. This type of devastating damage can strike at any time, whether home or away. If you’re away from home, however, water damage can become even more extensive. The risk revolves around the residual damage water leaves once it can sit for a while. Once […]

Does Your Area Rug Have a Musty Odor? | Cleaning Services

Strange smells are fairly prevalent issues with rugs of different constructions and fibers. However, some rugs smell downright horrendous, and if that’s what you’re experiencing, you’re probably wondering what’s to blame and how to get rid of the offensive odor. If you detect a musty odor in your home, you probably have a moisture problem that’s […]

How Water Damage Can Occur in Your Home | Courtesy Care Restoration

Every home must deal with water pressure, and homeowners must watch out for leaky pipes that can lead to major water issues. There are multiple reasons why water can be a costly problem. Here’s a deeper look at how to protect your home from water damage. Plumbing System Repair Knowing how your plumbing system works can […]

The Top 5 Ways Mold Can Find its Way Into Your Home | Courtesy Care Restoration

Home is the place that’s supposed to be warm, inviting and safe, but when mold creeps in, a home becomes a cause of stress and problems. That’s because mold causes health hazards and creates home improvement projects that strain or break our budgets. The best way to prevent mold is to know the 5 common causes. […]

Avoid a House Fire With Proper Dryer Vent Cleaning | Cleaning Services

The majority of house fires begin with easily preventable issues. From connecting too many devices into a single outlet to furnaces not receiving proper attention, these are areas of concern that routine maintenance and a general understanding can help avoid. The same is true with your dryer vent. Lint from a dryer, paired with the […]

How Often Should My Floor Tiles Be Deep Cleaned? | Cleaning Services

A tile floor is one of the best floors you can have. That’s because tile is waterproof, durable, and gives you so many options to choose from in terms of style and color. Most importantly, unlike hardwood and carpet, tile doesn’t require a lot of maintenance work. For these reasons, many homeowners prefer to have […]

Broken Pipes Causing Your Home to Have Water Damage? | Courtesy Care Restoration

Discolored water, elevated water bills, warm sections in your floor and soaked carpets, ceilings and walls are among the most common signs of failing plumbing in your home. Although the pipes used in most homesteads are designed to be durable, they sometimes burst or develop leaks that cause water damage in your home. Broken pipes might ultimately […]

How Often Should I Deep Clean My Area Rugs? | Cleaning Services

The typical homeowner lets their area rug build up dirt until it becomes visible before having a deep cleaning performed. Most people have no idea about how frequently their area rugs should be cleaned. This lack of awareness is perfectly understandable, since the frequency of area rug deep cleanings is not exactly a common point of […]

We Offer 24/7 Emergency Service for Water and Fire Damage! | Courtesy Care

Nothing is more traumatizing than dealing with the aftermath of a fire; it can threaten your family’s sense of security. The initial 24 to 48 hours of fire damage are critical to stabilizing your residence and ensuring the successful recovery of as much property as possible. This is because the smoke and acidic soot produced when the […]

Get On Top of Your Spring Cleaning with Clean Air Ducts Today! | Courtesy Care

With the arrival of spring, the warm weather is probably compelling you to bring your home out of hibernation. For most homeowners, this implies spring cleaning, which usually includes getting rid of huge piles of junk, cleaning muddy footprints off the floors or even removing the cobwebs from the ceiling fans. However, few people remember […]

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