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Spring Cleaning | Courtesy Care

Get On Top of Your Spring Cleaning with Clean Air Ducts Today! | Courtesy Care

With the arrival of spring, the warm weather is probably compelling you to bring your home out of hibernation. For most homeowners, this implies spring cleaning, which usually includes getting rid of huge piles of junk, cleaning muddy footprints off the floors or even removing the cobwebs from the ceiling fans. However, few people remember […]

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Emergency Cleaning and Restoration

We Offer Emergency Cleaning 24/7 for Your Cleaning and Restoration Needs | Cleaning Services

Your home is arguably your most valuable investment, and when floods occur, you might experience moderate to severe damage. In the event of water damage, it is imperative to act promptly because moisture and standing water create a conducive environment for bacteria and mold growth. Besides, exposing yourself and your family to this kind of […]

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Tile Cleaning Bartlesville, OK

Trust Your Tile Cleaning To The Pros! | Courtesy Care Bartlesville, OK

Tile cleaning is a deceptively simple-looking task that most homeowners dread doing. Apart from being tedious, it can also be time-consuming and stressful. Bathrooms, kitchens, walkways and laundry rooms are among the most commonly tiled areas in homes; all are high-traffic areas that get exposed to a lot of dirt. You might think that cleaning tiles using household […]

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Water Damage | Bartlesville, OK

Winter Weather Causing Water Damage in Your Home? | Courtesy Care

Every year, the Northeast Oklahoma region experiences extreme winter weather. During the winter, you can expect freezing temperatures, lots of snow, and strong winds. Snow accumulations and melting snow can cause extensive water damage to your home if left unchecked. Ice Dams on Your Roof Whenever temperatures stay below zero degrees for a prolonged period, it’s common […]

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