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How To Determine If Floors Are Water Damaged

water damage restoration tulsaExperiencing any sort of leak or flood can be extremely stressful and you may be unsure of where to go from there. Determining if your home has been water damaged in any way is an important first step as water damage can result in problems such as mold. The flooring is very susceptible to water damage since floods sit on them. 

Water Damage Restoration In Tulsa

Among all the different types of flooring, hardwood and carpet are most prone to water damage. Both are very absorbent and are hard to restore. Additionally, the longer that the flooring is exposed to water, the deeper the water has traveled, making it harder to restore. These are signs that you can watch out for to find water damage. 

Change In Shape

Water can cause the flooring to change in a variety of ways. One very telling sign is the floor changing in different shapes. These show in buckling, crowing, cupping, and warping. Buckling happens because the subflooring disconnects from the flooring altogether, causing it to peel upward. Crowning occurs when the floor shrinks due to water loss, while cupping occurs from the floor absorbing too much water. Crowning will leave the planks rounded, and cupping will put a depression in the middle of the plank. Warping is also another sign that the floor has absorbed too much water. 

Change In Color

Not only can floors change in shape but they will also change in color. Discoloration or fading that wasn’t there previously is a clear sign of mold or mildew present in the flooring. These damaged floors will take on black or dark coloring. This staining is caused by minerals in the water, rust in nails, mildew, and mold growth, and can be seen in patches or along cracks between floorboards.

Musty Smell

There is a distinct smell that goes along with mold and stagnant water. If you smell this musty scent when trying to discover water damage in the flooring, this is a clear indicator. This distinct smell usually goes hand in hand with mold and water damage. When you first discover the smell, try to track it down to its source to find out the root issue. 

When To Call For Help

If any of these occurrences are happening in your home or something is out of the ordinary, it’s best to get it sorted out as soon as possible. Water damage happens quickly and can be dangerous so it’s important that it is done right. Whether they are simple fixes that can be done on your own, or professionals need to be called. It’s important to go through the proper steps of making sure that everything is done correctly, timely, and thoroughly. By doing this, this water damage will be a one-time occurrence and you won’t need to deal with the effects of the damage again in the future. Contact professionals at Courtesy Care to assist you with your water damage cleanup to get the job done right the first time around.

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