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Five Ways You Can Keep Your Home Water Damage Free

water damage restoration muskogee, water damage repair muskogee, water damage cleanup muskogeeA water-damage-free home is not an easy thing to pull off. Water damage is one of the most common problems that millions of people in the U.S. deal with each year. However, that doesn’t mean preventing water damage is complex or requires expert knowledge. In fact, by putting in the time to do a few simple things, you can greatly reduce the likelihood of experiencing a water damage disaster in your home. Here are these simple things you can do from our team at Courtesy Care in Tulsa.

Water Damage Restoration in Tulsa

Inspect Sinks And Drains

When sinks and drains become clogged with debris, they are unable to do their job and drain water effectively. The easiest solution to this is obviously to avoid putting anything other than liquids down your drain. However, you never know what might end up down your drain (even if you didn’t put it there!), so you should still inspect them regularly. 

Install Leak Detectors

Water leak detectors are a very affordable investment that can make a big difference in the event of a flood. Water leak detectors are especially useful if the flooding occurs outside of your notice. For instance, if you are out of the house, they can alert you to a flood at any time. This will also give you greater peace of mind concerning water damage since you will be notified immediately if your home does ever flood. 

Keep A Close Eye On Your Water Bill

You can use your water bill to alert you to any hidden flooding in your home. By checking your water bill regularly, you will get a good idea of your water usage each month. If your usage unexpectedly spikes for a given month, that may be an indication that you have a hidden leak somewhere in or around your home. 

Fix Or Replace Your Caulking

You can reduce or eliminate leaks around your windows and doors by purchasing a tube or a few and doing the job yourself. If you notice a crack, caulk it! Telltale signs of water leakage may be mold spots, bubbled paint, crumbly drywall or plaster, or termite activity.

Promptly Fix Water Leaks

Water leaks might seem like a minor thing at first — especially when the leak is small. As a result, it’s easy to put off making any repairs. However, even a small leak can be an indication of a larger problem. For instance, it could mean there is a weakness in your pipes or there is a larger leak somewhere else.

All in all, water damage prevention is all about putting in the time. A few hours here and there to install leak detectors or inspect your sinks and drains will go a long way towards keeping your home water damage free —not to mention saving you a lot of time, money, and stress. Call our water damage restoration experts at Courtesy Care in Tulsa for help if you ever experience a water damage disaster in your home. 

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