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Levels of Water Damage and Restoration

water damage restoration tulsaWater damage restoration can vary depending on the size and scope of the damage that has affected your home in Tulsa. Small leaks, faulty appliances, and even large floods can all be cleaned up with the right restoration process. Because each water damage restoration project is different, the water damage is classified into different levels. These levels help determine how severe the damage is, and will help the restoration team develop a plan of action specific to your home’s needs. Let’s go over each of the levels so you know what to expect when your home suffers from water damage.

Water Damage Restoration In Tulsa

Level 1 Water Damage: 

Water damage at this level is pretty minimal, meaning there has been little absorption by affected materials. This level of damage has a small evaporation load, which means that materials that are porous like wood and carpet make up less than 5% of the damaged area, and instead more water-resistant materials like concrete and masonry have been affected. Water is evaporated easily by these materials so drying water damage at this level is pretty straightforward. When water damage cases are found and resolved quickly, they can also fall into this category. 

Level 2 Water Damage: 

This level of water damage occurs when water absorption and evaporation load are higher than in level one, but still considered mid-range. While this level is more serious than level 1, affected porous materials still only have 5% to 40% water intrusion. Low evaporation materials (i.e. cement and masonry) are still largely unaffected by the water at this level, so restoring damage will primarily consist of removing as much of the porous materials as possible and beginning to dry out the area quickly so water cannot continue to be absorbed. This level of water damage may require longer drying times and more repairs on affected materials than level 1. 

Leve 3 Water Damage: 

At this level of damage, the highest water absorption and evaporation load has been reached by affected materials with porous materials making up at least 40% of the damaged area. Even low evaporation materials at this level will require more effort to dry, but the odds of salvaging porous materials in this level are fairly low. This means that the best chances of successfully restoring damaged materials will require immediate professional action. Industry proven drying techniques and commercial grade equipment should be utilized to give belongings and materials damaged at this level the best odds at being saved.

Level 4 Water Damage: 

Major flooding with highly contaminated water that has saturated everything in the area makes up this level of water damage. Deep, unmoving water intrusion is a serious problem, even for low evaporation materials. Damage at this level is often irreversible and will require repairs, rebuild, and replacements. This type of water damage restoration should be left strictly to professionals as there are many dangers and risks associated with major flooding.

Whether your water damage emergency is level 1 or level 4, the professionals at Courtesy Care are standing by ready to help. We have teams standing by to take your call so we can respond to your situation as soon as possible and provide you with the best possible water damage restoration. 

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