Common Signs of Water Damage in Tulsa Homes

There are several things about our Tulsa homes that we have learned to just live with or ignore. One of the things that most homeowners cannot afford to ignore is the signs of potential water damage. Water leaks, excess moisture, or standing water needs attention as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage to your home’s foundation. Since water damage is not always obvious, it is important to be aware of the signs so you can act on them as soon as you notice them. 

Here are some common signs of water damage that homeowners shouldn’t ignore: 

  1. Musty Odors
  2. Stains, Spot, & Discoloration
  3. Visible Mold
  4. Bubbling Paint or Warped Walls

Must Odors

Strong, musty odors in your home should not be overlooked or brushed aside. Water damage, when left unnoticed, will begin to create a moldy, mildewy smell in your home that can cause health risks. If there is a rotten odor coming from a specific area in your home, you should have someone come to inspect the area for possible leaks or water damage.

Water damage leak in the ceiling

Stains, Spots, & Discoloration

Stains, spots, and discoloration often become apparent when water damage occurs. When water saturates materials like drywall or sheetrock, it will leave yellow or brown rings or spots. These water stains often have irregular borders and will change in size over time. Water spots most often appear on ceilings but can also be seen on walls or baseboards. If stains are old and not changing in appearance, the source of the water damage may not be active. However, if you notice new water spots getting larger or darker, you need to have them inspected for water damage.

Visible Mold

Mold can begin to grow when water damage is present. Mold can take on many different appearances, from dark and spotted to light and fuzzy. Often, mold growth is first seen in corners or discreet places but can spread over time. Mold is more than just a sign of water damage, and it is a major threat to the health of those exposed to it. Mold can cause a number of respiratory symptoms, from shortness of breath to fatigue and even headaches (just to name a few). Mold should never be ignored and requires special remediation on top of water damage restoration. 

Bubbling Paint or Warped Walls

When water leaks behind walls, it can push its way through and cause the paint to bubble, blister, or even peel. Often seen on walls that hide plumbing pipes, bubbling or peeling paint should be inspected for water damage. If water has flooded in an upstairs room, it can cause blisters to form in the ceiling of the room below it. Water blisters can grow rather large and actually be pretty impressed with how large they can become. If you notice any bubbling, peeling, and blistering on your walls or ceilings, call for water damage restoration. 

Water Damage Restoration in Tulsa, OK

None of these signs should be overlooked or ignored in your Tulsa home, or water damage can become even worse. When you suspect water damage or need water damage restoration, be sure to call the experts at Courtesy Care. No matter how extensive the damage, we will be able to find the source, get it stopped, and restore your home.

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