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Appliances Going Rouge And Causing Water Damage Restoration Issues

water damage restoration muskogee, water damage muskogee, water damage repair muskogeeWith all the advancements in modern technology, it is only a matter of time before we have a self-loading dishwasher, or a self-changing washing machine (At least we can hope it’s only a matter of time right? How convenient would those be?!) that go right along with our robot vacuums we now have. While our appliances make performing the daily, mundane tasks of our lives much more convenient, they can be the cause of major stress, concern, and even damage. Malfunctioning appliances are one of the most common causes of water damage restoration for homes in Tulsa, and here are just a few examples of these appliances going rogue and resulting in water damage.

Water Damage Restoration In Tulsa


Did you know your dishwasher has a filter inside that covers the drain? It catches larger particles of food and other grime, and can end up with build up around it, blocking the flow of water. If that filter gets too clogged and water is not able to drain out of the washing tub, it can start to leak out around the sides or anywhere else it can find a way out. Be sure to clean out the drain filter at least once a month, and be sure to use the right type and amount of detergent for your dishwasher. 

Washing machines:

 Any guess on how much water goes through your washing machine during a normal wash cycle? Washing machines use anywhere between 10 and 40 gallons of water for each load. That is a lot of water flowing in and out of this appliance multiple times each day. The hoses that this water flows through can easily become kinked, or connections can loosen over time, which can result in all that water running right out into your laundry room. Check hose connections at least once a month to ensure they are tight, and consider replacing the water hoses every 3-5 years to avoid leaks that occur as a result of deterioration. 

Water Heaters: 

There are few things more frustrating than running out of warm water in the middle of a shower, but one of those things is definitely having your water heater tank flood your home. The reason the water heater tank can cause such catastrophic water damage lies in the way the water heater was created. To ensure an adequate supply of hot water is available at all times, water heater tanks hold (on average) 50-100 gallons of water in them ALL THE TIME. When hot water is used from the tank, it is designed to continually refill itself so that it is always at max capacity in order to heat up and provide more hot water for what is being used. While this feature is great for your showers, it is horrible if your water heater tank decides to burst or leak because there will be a constant supply of water flooding into your home. The best thing you can do to keep your water heater functioning correctly, and to prevent leaks or bursts from occurring, is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for temperature settings, water pressure level, and routine maintenance work. 

While we are very grateful for the appliances we do have, we still need to be on our toes to prevent water damage from occurring, and respond correctly if it does happen. Courtesy Care provides water damage restoration in Tulsa, whether from a faulty appliance or any other source. So remember to take care of your appliances and call Courtesy Care when you need water damage restoration. 

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