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How Long Will Water Damage Restoration Take?

water damage cleanup muskogee, water damage muskogee, water damage repair muskogeeDealing with water damage is a real stressor for homeowners at two points in time: right after the damage, and over the long run. Water damage can cause all sorts of headaches as well as significant health and safety problems in your home. The monetary and emotional costs can be high. You’ll want to get back to normal as soon as possible. But how long will it take? 

That depends on many factors:

Step By Step

After you call the team to be dispatched, you can mop or remove standing water with buckets or plastic tubs.  As they arrive, they’ll speed up the process with an industrial wet-dry vacuum. While safely getting rid of water in a flooded home, the Courtesy Care team will help you document the entirety of the damage first.  (This will help with any future claims to your insurance policy.) The area is left to ventilate and dry thoroughly.  Using a dehumidifier can help speed up this process. 

The complete time for water damage repairs will depend on the time it takes for the material affected to dry up and how severe the damage is. If you’re just dealing with a single room, it will likely take a few days for drying out, and another 1-2 weeks to actually repair the damage.

More water= more rooms= more material damaged= more time. Worse yet, if you have a flooded basement. Regardless of how bad the initial damage is, you cannot afford to wait to start the water cleanup process. Water spreads very quickly and will get absorbed into the floors, the walls, your furniture and other areas in your home.

Typical Water Damage Timeline

Within minutes, water leaks will spread evenly in your property, soaking everything that gets in the way. Your walls, floors, upholstery and belongings all become soaked in water. As soon as water creeps in, your carpets may get stained and your photographs, books and other paper goods may start to bulge and warp.

If the water is black water, like from sewage, anything the water touches immediately becomes a potential biohazard. With this type of water damage, the home will need to be decontaminated. If the water is clean water, like from a water heater or washing machine, standing water in the affected areas is much less of a concern.  

  • Water Damage Within 1 to 24 hours: Within just a single hour up to a day after your home has been exposed to water, drywall begins to bulge, furniture begins to swell, and metal surfaces begin to tarnish.
  • 48 hours up to a week: Between hour 2 and the end of the first week, the damage will compound. Your home will experience growth and spread of mold and mildew. The doors, windows, and wood flooring may swell and warp. Metal may begin to rust and corrode. 
  • After More than a Week: If water damage persists for more than a week, mildew and mold growth, structural damage and biohazard contaminants may pose serious risks to you and your family. The delay in restoration time may also increase the cost to repair water damage significantly. Air quality goes down and bad smells compound. 

And out of sight is not out of mind. Unless mold has been completely removed mold spores can remain dormant or inactive but can still be a threat to your home.  Mold remediation and decontamination services are almost guaranteed at this point. Count on Courtesy Care specialists in mold removal to make your home safe. 

Getting Professional Help

Most flooding and water damage situations require immediate response by professionals. If you try to do it yourself and miss something or wait too long to call, it will take significantly longer to repair and restore your home. Often, professionals can get to the damage more quickly, taking steps that the average homeowner may not know to take, that can reduce the overall costs of restoration.

If you are unsure about what your first steps for when your house floods should be, call Courtesy Care now. With years of experience in water damage restoration and flood repairs, the helpful professionals can walk through your home and point out potential problems– and solutions. 

Reliable Water Damage Restoration In Muskogee

When in crisis from water damage, Courtesy Care is your partner to investigate the problem and make permanent solutions. They provide assistance for both small projects and large floods– doing everything possible to eliminate the spread and cross contamination of mold in your home. 

These experienced technicians are also background-checked and subject to drug testing to ensure your safety in your home. With onsite technicians and a super office staff working behind the scenes, they can assist you through the complete cleaning and restoration process. For help with your water damaged home in Northeast Oklahoma and Northwest Arkansas, call as soon as you can.

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