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Bathroom And Vanity Water Damage Restoration

water damage restoration muskogee, water damage cleanup muskogee, water damage repair muskogeeMaybe you had a leak, the exhaust fan wasn’t functioning properly, or the puppy had too much fun during the first bath. Even worse, maybe your upstairs neighbors had a flood that trickled down into your bathroom. When you discover bathroom water damage in your vanity, baseboards, cabinets or floors, call Courtesy Care. Then will immediately dispatch a team to assess, then repair and restore, your home back to like new condition. 

While weather is the most important aspect of a working bathroom, too much water in the wrong areas can be a disaster. Water can cause your bathroom cabinets to warp, swell, crack, sag, or bubble. Unfortunately, cabinets and vanities with severe water damage should be replaced to prevent the growth of mold.

Water Damage Restoration In Muskogee

Before You Make Any Repairs…

…you need to assess the damage. For example, is the vanity structurally intact? If the core foundation has been compromised, you will need to replace your cabinets. You cannot mount a heavy countertop on top of a weakened structure (the entire unit could cave in.)

Before you begin any repairs, you must fix the cause of the problem. So call the water damage restoration experts to address the problems immediately. With an experienced eye, the team can quickly diagnose your problems and create a plan. Here are some common signs of water damage (by material.)

Solid Wood 

Water can damage wood furniture and trim in several ways. Direct contact with standing water can cause changes in structure and damage in only a few days. Moisture in wood furniture will encourage fungus and mold growth. With heavily damaged wood furniture, the team might speed up drying by removing the parts that are easy to take apart: back panels, drawers, doors.  

Saturated wood expands and then shrinks as it dries. This may loosen joints and cause warping and swelling. So the water damage restoration team at Courtesy Care will be sure that all the pieces still work smoothly together. 

Another potential problem is the color changes. Oak, mahogany, and cherry woods form a grey-black stain when coming into contact with tap water. This is because tap water contains iron which reacts to the tannic acid contained in certain types of wood. The result is a deep grayish black stain. Oxalic wood bleach will remove any discoloration without changing the natural expression of the wood.

Peeling Veneer on MDF Cabinets

In typical furniture or cabinets, the main cabinet box is made of medium-density fiberboard.  It is finished with a papery top layer or melamine foil laminate for the veneers on the exposed sides.The problem is the edges of the construction; water can easily wick into the “board” and weaken the adhesive. Swelling will soon be followed by crumbling furniture.

Cabinets made from manufactured products such as plywood or medium-density fiberboard are probably a total loss, but have our team of experts make a determination. 


Because veneer is only a thin layer of wood attached with glue to a solid base, it is very vulnerable to damage on wooden furniture. On old furniture, the glue that holds the veneer is often not water-resistant. Prolonged humidity or exposure to water can soften the glue, letting the veneer blister, crack, or peel. Veneer is also easily damaged from the surface, and old veneers are often cracked, buckled, or broken, with chips or entire pieces missing.  

Replacing veneer is easy, but finding a new piece to replace it may not be. If the piece of furniture is not valuable, you may be able to take the patch from a part of it that won’t show. The patch area must be along an edge, so that you can lift the veneer with a craft knife or a stiff-blade putty knife.

Additional Disinfection Services

In this uncertain time, if you have had exposure to viruses, you might need for some extra help making the space safe. We are offering professional cleaning and disinfection of your home. services to help combat the spread of viruses.

All our personnel follow CDC recommendations and remain up-to-date on the latest guidance to ensure you receive the best service. Many options are available: manual disinfecting using an EPA-registered disinfectant solution, to use an electrostatic sprayer/fogger and traditional “deep cleaning.” The team will recommend safe and non-toxic options–safe for occupants as well as pets. 

Trusted Water Damage Restoration Professionals In Muskogee

If you are unable to visit your parents (or grandparents) in person this month, trust our water damage restoration experts to keep them safe. Our technicians will wear proper protective equipment and treat your family like family. When your house suffers from water damage, we are your partner to investigate the problem and make permanent solutions. They provide assistance for both small projects and large floods– doing everything possible to eliminate the spread and cross contamination of mold in your home. 

These experienced water damage restoration technicians are also background-checked and subject to drug testing to ensure your safety in your home. With onsite technicians and a super office staff working behind the scenes, they can assist you through the complete cleaning and restoration process. For help with your water damaged home in Northeast Oklahoma and Northwest Arkansas, give us a call.

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