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Why You Should Steer Clear Of “Do It Yourself” Water Damage Clean Up

I used to be that person that would want something done or fixed and thought, “I’ll just look it up on YouTube and do it myself.” It seems like the independent thing to do right? It can even be a fun and creative learning experience. It sounds pretty enticing, but I’ve realized that way of thinking isn’t the best choice in all situations. One of those situations is water damage. No matter the extent of damage done, it’s definitely a nightmare. It can also be tempting (especially if the water damage doesn’t look too bad) to think, “I’ll look it up on youtube and clean it up myself.” There are a few key reasons why you should abandon those thoughts, as they will save you from troubles in the future.

Water Damage In Springdale

Personal Health Concerns

When water damage occurs, something that most people don’t think about right away is the type of trouble it can cause for their health. For one, there are multiple types of water damage that can happen. There can be clean water damage, gray water damage, and black water. Gray water is what runs through your showers and sinks and can carry bacteria. If left for an extended amount of time that bacteria can be harmful. Even worse, black water contains human waste, viruses, and harmful bacteria that can cause serious harm to those you come in contact with the black water without properly protecting themselves. In any cause, any type of water that is left for an extended amount of time will grow bacteria that is harmful. In addition, water creates a good growing environment for mold. Mold, when inhaled, can cause respiratory issues especially to those with underlying health conditions, such as those with asthma. With the health concerns listed, it is a good idea to leave it to the professionals to clean up the damage safely.

Lack Of Equipment

One great thing about a professional restoration company is that they literally clean up water damage for a living. They have all the proper equipment to not only get the job done quickly, but correctly. When taking on cleanup yourself, you may not be able to properly dry all the layers of your house, or properly disinfect everything. That doesn’t have to be a worry if you call up the professionals to come help.

Hidden Damage

Oftentimes water damage can take a while before we even realize that it’s there. Our houses are big and there are places we can’t necessarily see all the time. Pipes may break and we don’t catch it or the damage happens slowly from evaporated water in your bathroom. However the damage occurs, there is likely further damage than what initially meets the eye. With “do it yourself” clean up, you may feel that you were able to clean up everything but there may have been damage left that will be far more detrimental in the long run.

Just a few reasons were listed why you should leave clean up to a professional. There are more. Calling a professional clean up team will save you time and stress in the long run and could possibly save your health and your home. Most professional teams have 24/7 emergency assistance so they can help you anytime that is needed. For those of you in Springdale, Courtesy Care is a company that is there for you.

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