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Four Dangerous Elements Of Water Damage Cleanup

water damage cleanup springdale arkansas, water damage repair springdale arkansas, water damage restoration springdale arkansasOne of the common misconceptions about water damage cleanup is that it is safer than it actually is. In reality, water damage cleanup can actually be an extremely dangerous process. Unless those going in to restore the damage have the proper training, experience, and equipment, it is ever more dangerous than it would be otherwise. To help you prepare for these dangers if your home is ever flooded, here are four signs you should know about the most common dangers from our water damage cleanup professionals at Courtesy Care in Springdale, Arkansas.

Water Damage Cleanup In Springdale Arkansas

Contaminated Water

Floodwater is not drinking water. It usually contains significant levels of contamination. Whether that contamination is in the form of dirt and mud or something more serious like chemicals and human waste depends on the source of the flood. Either way, you should always act with extreme caution around floodwater as failing to do so can lead to serious health problems for you. 

Electrical Problems

We all know that water conducts electricity extremely well. Thus, a flooded home can become an extremely dangerous conduit for electrical shocks if your electrical systems are compromised by the flood. To ensure this doesn’t happen, your best course of action is to simply shut off your electricity after a flood until all the floodwater has been removed. 

Structural Damage

A flood can cause structural damage in your home by the force of the initial floodwater damaging your home’s structure or through wearing down porous materials in your home through prolonged exposure. This problem is the most serious when the water damage causes significant structural damage but the damage is hard to see. This can make the porousness of your home susceptible to collapsing or caving in without your knowledge. If someone is in the home at the time this happens, they could be in serious trouble. Make sure that your home is professionally inspected after a flood and deemed structurally sound and safe for you to reenter. 

Mold Exposure

Finally, mold growth is a notable hazard because of the effect it can have on your health. Different from the other dangers listed above, mold doesn’t cause immediate danger for you. Rather, it gradually causes health problems over time. Usually, the symptoms of mold exposure are fairly minor and include things like sneezing, coughing, runny nose, itchy eyes, and difficulty breathing. However, it can lead to more serious symptoms for those with weakened immune systems. Fortunately, by acting quickly and making sure that all the floodwater and moisture is removed from your home soon after a flood, you should be able to avoid this hazard. 

Don’t put yourself in harm’s way after a flood! To prevent adding personal injuries on top of a damaged home, call a professional water damage cleanup company for help immediately after your home sustains any water damage. We at Courtesy Care in Springdale, Arkansas are one such water damage cleanup company so don’t hesitate to give us a call for help so we can restore your home and keep you safe in the process.

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