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Water Damage To Laminate Floors

water damage company bella vista, water damage bella vistaWhen you have extra water in your Bella Vista home, and on your floors, your chances of a quick clean up depend on the materials you have installed. Many types of flooring and water do not mix well. Some coverings are considered impervious to water, such as ceramic or porcelain tile, land even sheet vinyl flooring. At the other end of the spectrum are floors like solid hardwood, bamboo, and engineered wood. Laminate flooring leans toward the negative side of this scale.

We at Courtesy Care know that if poorly installed, laminate flooring will be a disaster in high-moisture environments. If installed according to manufacturer’s instructions, and well cared floor, laminate flooring a good chance to survive your indoor flood. 


Laminate flooring can get wet, but only the top. Laminate flooring’s sides, open seams, damaged areas, and bottoms can never get wet. Slowly the image layer and wear layer begin to delaminate from the top of the board. Generally, laminate flooring with open edges will maintain its original dimensions after about two hours of submerged water exposure. 

So mop up standing water quickly; water can migrate into laminate’s seams. The edge areas of the laminate are more of a problem since edges are cut and exposed. If the seams between laminate floor planks get saturated, they swell. 

Before dealing with your floors, make certain you stop the leak. Call a professional to identify, fix the problem, then complete a successful restoration after water damage

Silver Lining Of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is composed of numerous pieces. If carpet gets really wet, then the entire carpet has to be replaced. With laminate flooring, you can just replace those boards and planks that were affected. Have a few extra boards on hand if possible so that you can replace the damaged boards yourself.  

Replace The Planks

While damaged boards cannot be repaired, they can be replaced on a one-for-one basis. Most installations use packs of laminate boards. Because there is a set number of boards in each pack, it is inevitable that boards will be left over. You, or a previous owner may have stored extra laminate boards in a closet or attic.  

Your Water Damage Company In Bella Vista

When in doubt, call a professional company. Our team can help you with floors of any materials. Whether it’s advice for a do-it-yourself replacement or you’d like us to come in and do it for you, give us a call. If your Bella Vista home suffers water damage, Courtesy Care is your partner to investigate the problem and make permanent solutions. They provide assistance for both small projects and large floods — doing everything possible to eliminate the spread and cross contamination of mold in your home

This experienced company background-check’s all technicians and subject’s them to drug testing to ensure your safety in your home. With onsite technicians and a super office staff working behind the scenes, they can assist you through the complete cleaning and restoration process. For help with your water damaged home in Bella Vista, contact us.

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