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Caring For Your Cabin – Watch Out For Water Damage

What is more iconic than a sunrise view of the Ozarks from a secluded, wooded setting– overlooking green meadows with a mountain backdrop? A vintage A-frame cabin in Fayetteville is perfect for a romantic getaway, family retreat, a small reunion, or as a central staging point for day trips along the Arkansas River. For those who prefer that rustic feel of camping but want the convenience of having a roof over your head, a charming cabin can be a blessing to your family for generations.

When it comes to protecting the longevity of your cabin/camp/cottage, we at Courtesy Care encourage you to learn the signs of water damage, to address these issues early on, or to prevent them altogether. Controlling moisture inside a log house also improves the energy efficiency of the house, lowering heat and cooling expenses. Moreover, it also prevents the growth and infestation of mold.

water damage restoration fayetteville, water damage repair fayetteville, water damage fayetteville,

Common Causes of Water Damage

  • Garden sprinklers that spray the side of the log cabin
  • Leaky gutters, poor functioning downspouts
  • Soil in contact with the cabin
  • Plumbing failures
  • Porch attached to log. There should be space to allow water to run down the walls
  • Unprotected logs (not under the roof)
  • Vegetation within 2 feet of log cabin, because it holds moisture close to the logs

Signs Of Water Damage 

Many times you don’t need to physically see the mold to know that it is present because of the odor. If you walk into a room or basement and notice a damp smell, it’s time to investigate.  By the time you notice visible staining, you have a water problem. Peeling or blistering paint or bulging drywall  is evidence that the wood is reacting or warping from repeated water exposure.

Cabin Maintenance Tips

Moisture comes from two sources: external or internal. The foundation is one of the most vulnerable areas of the cabin for water intrusion. Safeguard the foundation against moisture damage with a good drainage system and storm water management. Directing the water away from the cabin foundation with functioning gutters and French drains minimizes the possibility of problems. For example, a simple layer of gravel around your summerhouse protects the underneath of the house from splashes of rainwater. The timber stays dry and your lodge lasts longer.

Proper ventilation prevents condensation on the inside of your summerhouse. It is vital to managing the airflow, heat flow, and vapor flow within the log house. Be diligent about removing moisture with fans after cooking, showering and doing laundry. 

At the end of the weekend, inspect the plumbing, window and door seals. Be sure the internal air is dry before looking up. (Consider using a dehumidifier to reduce the moisture in the closed cabin.) With proper maintenance, your second home will be enjoyed for years. If you do find water damage, get the Courtesy Care team on-site as soon as possible. 

Trusted Water Restoration Professionals In Fayetteville

If your cabin, lodge, or main house suffers from water damage, Courtesy Care is your partner to investigate the problem and make permanent solutions. They provide assistance for both small projects and large floods– doing everything possible to eliminate the spread and cross contamination of mold in your home. 

These experienced technicians are also background-checked and subject to drug testing to ensure your safety in your home. With onsite technicians and a super office staff working behind the scenes, they can assist you through the complete cleaning and restoration process. For help with your water damaged home in Northeast Oklahoma and Northwest Arkansas, contact us.

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