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Cleaning Up After Water Damage

Water damage causes a huge mess and lots of stress. Nobody wants to experience a flood in their home, but a number of accidental circumstances could occur. Winter in Bentonville, Arkansas can be hard on your pipes. When the cold weather hits, water inside of pipes can get to a freezing point. If the water freezes, it will expand. This icy water will continue to cause pressure the inside of pipes until the pipe breaks under the pressure. This may cause damage ranging from a small leak to a pipe burst.

Check your pipes often, and especially during winter to make sure they are in proper condition. Beyond pipes, extreme rainstorms may cause flooding that will creep into your home. Often this water gets through doors and windows connecting to the outside or comes through the basement. You may discover you have a leaky roof during a rainstorm as well. Water doesn’t always come from the outside though.

Appliances that hold water such as a sink, toilet, or shower can cause water damage. Sewage backups can be an especially harmful form of water damage. Sewage water is contaminated and could cause health problems to any people or pets who come in contact with it. Whichever water disaster hits your home, call in a professional like Courtesy Care to serve your home and restore it to its pre-loss condition. Calling in immediate help will alleviate the risk of lasting damage or mold.

Water damage calls a need for professional restoration help. Before technicians arrive at your home, take precautionary steps to further protect your home from water damage. Turn off all the water valves connecting to your home if any are broken and leaking. Furniture, especially anything made of wood, is prone to get damaged from water. If it is safe to do so, move furniture out of the area affected by water to raise the chances of restoration success. If you cannot save the furniture yourself, don’t worry, professionals will serve their best work to restore your furniture and home. Professionals will use their IICRC certification to fix all water damage, but it may still be a good idea to call in a plumber to fix any broken pipes or appliances. It would also be a wise choice to visit the doctor’s if anyone has come in contact with mold or contaminated water. If the situation becomes bad enough, consider finding temporary living where you and your family can stay safe and healthy while your home is worked on.

You may be led to believe that you can solve your water damage problem on your own. While you may be able to help your situation, there is no guarantee that you will completely and properly solve the problem. Proper techniques and equipment are used by professionals to restore damage to your home. They will make sure each section of your home is completely dry. Even if a spot is dry to the touch, there may still be water hidden in the cavities of your home. Having hidden moisture in your home would lead to mold, which spreads easily and causes health problems. Let Courtesy Care, a Bentonville professional take care of your property and leave it dry as a desert!

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