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An Unwanted Gift After Christmas

water damage bentonville, water damage cleanup bentonvilleAfter the fun, food, and family of December, it is nice to get back into your groove in January. However, the beginning of the year can leave your home with water damage. Here are four situations that you need to be aware of:

Home Alone?

One of the best ways to enjoy the holidays is to travel. However, your home is vulnerable to water damage when you leave it alone. Obviously, water will usually not sit on a hardwood floor long enough to cause mold when you walk through each room every day. However, when water sits for several days, or more, mold and mildew can begin to grow.

Water damage to hardwood floors can come in the form of discoloration, as well. This usually occurs in areas that are less visible, like under furniture or less used areas of a room. If water pools around nails, oxidation, and discoloration can form.  Time plus water can permanently stain wood and require restoration from a professional team like Courtesy Care.

Water Damage From Christmas Trees Is Common

Christmas trees often remain in the home for about a month and require water if they are real. Since people place a tree skirt over the water pan of their Christmas tree, some of this water ends up on the floor and not in the tree stand where it belongs. A little bit of water spilled on your flooring over a month can add up to a very unpleasant surprise when the tree is removed.

  • Laminate floors are susceptible to water damage. The layer and glue can dissolve and need replacing.
  • If hardwood floors get warped, they might be sanded down. In order to keep the floor looking uniform, a larger area may need to be sanded.
  • Carpet, when exposed to water over time can result in mold. Of course, water can easily soak through to the pad so you are left with two materials which can be affected by mold and mildew.

Ice Dams Cause Flooding

Homes can be damaged by ice dams that develop against the bottom of the exterior walls. Not only can ice dams form on the roof, but they can also happen on the ground. The heat from the home warms the snow and ice closest to it, but when it turns into water surrounding ice prevents it from draining.

These ice dams, in particular, wreak havoc on hardwood floors and in basements, because the water reaches them much more easily than those that form on roofs, where ceiling and wall damage is more common.

Trusted Professionals With Quality Training And Equipment

Courtesy Care is dedicated to helping people maintain a clean beautiful home and move forward after a water disaster in their home. When a water disaster happens to a home, it is important to get immediate assistance from a water damage specialist to limit the damage and clean up the mess before permanent damage or mold growth occurs. Courtesy Care is certified by the IICRC in water damage cleanup and restoration and can quickly extract any standing water, dry the affected areas, and restore your water damaged property to pre-loss condition quickly.

Experienced technicians also receive background checks and are subject to drug testing to ensure your safety in your home. With onsite technicians and our office staff working behind the scenes, they can help with your water damaged home in Bentonville. 

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