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Why Some Types Of Water Damage Are More Harmful To Your Health

water damage cleanup bentonville, professional water damage cleanup bentonvilleWhen your home or business faces water damage, the first thing that is on your mind is probably getting rid of the water. After that, the next thing you probably worry about is restoring your property back to its state prior to the damage. Both of these things are best done through a professional water cleanup company like Courtesy Care serving Bentonville. Stopping the water and restoring your home or business are both good things to be thinking about when you’re hit with some unexpected and undesired water damage, but do not fail to overlook potential adverse effects on your health that result from being exposed to the water damage. Disregarding these health risks caused by water damage can prevent you from noticing early symptoms of the issues that result from the exposure and addressing them as soon as possible.

When considering water damage and its effect on your health, your family’s health, your coworkers’ health, or whomever else may be exposed, first consider where the water that invaded your home came from. This will help you determine how clean the water was at the time of its intrusion and thereby estimate how severe an effect it may have on your health.

Types Of Water Damage

The first type of water that can damage your home is clean water. Clean water often comes from water heaters, sinks, or appliances like dishwashers and fridges. While, obviously, no one hopes to have to deal with water damage at their home or business, if you do have to have water damage, you should hope that this is the type of water that is infiltrating your property. This is because clean water doesn’t start out with harmful bacteria that lead to health problems.

Instead, clean water only becomes harmful to you when it sits untreated long enough for mold to begin to grow. This typically happens within 24-48 hours from the time the damage begins. Because of this, you still need to make sure to contact a restoration company like Courtesy Care quickly so that your clean water damage doesn’t become dirty water damage which is much more dangerous the health of people and animals who are exposed to it. It is also to your advantage to address clean water damage quickly because water damage by clean water is much simpler to clean up safely because less emphasis has to be put on removing harmful toxins left behind by the damage.

The second type of water that damages your home is dirty water. This category includes any water that was contaminated prior to it spreading to undesired places and damaging your home. Dirty water damage can come from places like toilets, sump pumps, or sewage leaks. Since dirty water starts out with harmful bacteria and mold that then multiply as it sits, it obviously is a lot more likely to affect your health and a lot more likely to affect your health severely. Because damage from contaminated sources is especially harmful, always leave it to a professional to clean it up.

Courtesy Care Water Damage

Whether the water damaging your home is clean or dirty, leave it to a professional to clean up the damage. If you are in need of water cleanup services and live in Bentonville, contact Courtesy Care to assist you. If you suspect that you or someone you know is experiencing illness due to water damage exposure, seek medical assistance immediately.

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