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How To Deal With Water Damage After A Flood

water damage cleanup bentonville, water damage bentonvilleIf you have had a flood in your home, you know it can be an overwhelming mess to clean up. It can be nearly impossible to do it without the correct tools, equipment, or professional knowledge. Here is how you can deal with the water damage cleanup in your Bentonville home. 

Call A Professional

You might be a person obsessed with doing everything yourself. It is natural to feel independent and to also want to save money. However, water damage cleanup is not something you should handle all on your own. It could end up being hazardous to your health, and it is for sure difficult thing to go through physically and emotionally. The very first thing you should do when you have any kind of flooding in your home, whether it is from a burst pipe or from a heavy rainfall, is to call Courtesy Care to help you with your clean up process. They will come in, remove all the items that they can, vacuum the water out with their special mobile equipment, and continue to dry the affected areas. You might think that you can wipe up the water and dry out your walls and flooring, but water can become trapped inside these porous building materials, and it is often impossible to get it completely dry without the right equipment. 

Go Through Items

Once all the affected items have been removed from the area and you are able to sort through them, make piles of what things will need to be thrown out and which things can be saved. You will likely need a professional to help you with this as well, or at least to give you some good advice for what is salvageable and what isn’t. You may be surprised at how many things can be restored to their former glory. So if you have any doubts about certain items, don’t throw them away; talk to your professional water damage cleanup specialist. You may also benefit from having a friend or ten come and help you sort through your belongings or be there to offer emotional support. This is especially important if you live alone or if the damaged items were important keepsakes of yours. 

Talk To Insurance

Once the water damage cleanup professionals are working on getting your home back to order, they will be able to give you a rough estimate of how much it will cost and what kinds of things will need to be repaired. You will need this information when you discuss your policy with your insurance company. You will also need to have a detailed list of all the damages, belongings and physical damage to your home. 

The water damage cleanup process is always hard, even if it’s minor. The best thing you can do if you have experienced water damage in your home is to hire a professional who has been through this process numerous times. They can help get your home back to the original status quickly and they can give invaluable advice about all aspects of the process. 

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