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You only have one chance at a first impression. When potential clients come to your place of business, you want to put your best face forward. While there are a number of ways to do this, you need to ensure that the property is clean and professionally maintained. Over time, your carpet collects dirt from the outside, employees spill their coffee and other problems may develop. Just like the carpet back home, your workplace carpet needs the occasional professional upkeep beyond simple vacuuming. That’s exactly why you need to turn to the professionals at Courtesy Care for all your carpet cleaning needs.

Improve Air Quality

Dirt, dust, and dander will collect in your carpet over time. Even with regular vacuuming, this is just one aspect of having a carpet you’ll need to deal with. Without regular cleanings, the dust and danger in the carpet will affect those who suffer from allergies in the office. When employees suffer from allergies, their work productivity declines through no fault of their own.

Vacuuming only goes so far with removing allergens. In fact, vacuuming may often kick pollen and dust back into the air, aggravating a person’s allergies even more so. By taking advantage of regularly scheduled carpet cleaning, you’ll remove these airborne problems, which will help keep your employees feeling comfortable throughout the year.

Keep this in mind when scheduling carpeting cleaning. It’s a good idea to have it cleaned prior to springtime and later on in the fall to remove the heavier collection of pollen and dust that might collect on the shoes of individuals walking into the office.

Present a Professional Face

When clients and potential customers enter your place of business, you want to put on a fresh, professional face. There are a number of ways to do that. Having a clean, organized office helps with this, and a professional carpet cleaning is part of it. A professional carpet cleaning removes the odors you may not realize exist within the office while adding a fresh, clean aroma. It also gives off the appearance of a new carpet, which is less expensive and less invasive than having new carpeting installed. In business, it is the little things that set you apart from the competition. Having a clean and presentable office is just one of the points of concern you should focus on.

Clean Office Stains

Stains happen, even in the workplace. However, you can’t just let them sit there. Whether it’s a coffee stain, water spots from the ceiling or another issue altogether, stains are unsightly in the office. If left untreated, these stains may fester and develop mold, which brings additional problems with it. So, if you have any kind of stain on the carpet, especially one derived from a liquid, it is best to have it taken care of right away. Plus, if you haven’t had a professional carpet cleaning in awhile, it’s the perfect time to bring in the team at Courtesy Care to clean stains and provide an entire office carpet cleaning.

Just like the carpet at home, your place of business needs a professional carpet cleaning at least once annually. From preventing your employees from suffering from allergens pushed into the carpet to putting on the best face for potential customers, a clean carpet will do wonders for your company. So, if you’re ready to schedule a carpet cleaning, have questions on the services provided or want to know more about the cleaning process, feel free to give Courtesy Care a call at your earliest convenience.

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