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Even when cleaned on a regular basis, tile has a way of becoming dirty beyond what normal means can correct. Tile in the kitchen and the bathroom are often exposed not only to normal wear and tear, but also excessive moisture and bacteria. When not properly cleaned, it puts you and everyone else at risk from bacteria- or mold-related illnesses. That is exactly why it is so important to take advantage of tile cleaning.

How to Clean Your Own Tile

In-between professional cleaning it is important to do what you can to prevent the development of mold, mildew and other kinds of bacteria. Different kinds of tile locations may require different kinds of cleaning.

If you have tiled floor, make sure to sweep and vacuum your floor on a regular basis. This helps prevent dirt from being pushed into the tile when walking across it. You’ll want to clean the floor with a mild detergent. Make sure to regularly change the water throughout your cleaning. Once it turns from clear to brown, it’s time to swap it out. Using dirty (cloudy) water only means you’re pushing dirt into the tile. This may also lead to your grout absorbing excessive dirt.

Grout is made up of pores, which means it not only absorbs bacteria but it becomes that much more difficult to clean. While you can use a mild cleaner on the floor and regular tiles, you’ll want to make a cleaning paste of baking soda and water, then rub it into the grout. You can leave this sitting overnight if you’d like before scrubbing it away. This helps kill off the bacterial and restore it back to a cleaner condition.

Shower Tile

You can clean shower tile similarly to tile flooring. However, in between showers, make sure to squeegee excess water away. If you don’t, you increase the chance of developing mold.

Professional Cleaning

There are times when your own elbow grease is not enough to rid tiles of stains. Whether the grout has turned an off-color or you spilled wine on the kitchen floor and the red stain isn’t pulling out, professional cleaning services will restore your tile back to its original appearance.

It’s best to go with a professional cleaning service instead of using acidic cleaning combinations at home. Acidic combinations (often using lemon- or chemical-based acidic combinations) can cause more harm than good! This is especially the case if you have marble or other organic stone material. Different kinds of tile require different cleaning agents in order to remove stains. In order to keep your tile safe and to bring out the beautiful shine.

Let the professionals at Courtesy Care take care of it. You can have the team clean whenever you need, or combine it with other carpet and home cleaning services.

Tile cleaning rids mold, mildew, and bacteria from tiling inside your house. This allows you to rest easy knowing that’s one less area you need to worry about. While you can do your part to clean the tile on your own, over time bacteria may build up to the point where you are unable to remove it and restore it back to its brilliant, like-new condition. By taking advantage of the services offered by Courtesy Care, you’ll have all your tile cleaning needs taken care of. So whether you have questions about the cleaning services or are ready to utilize the professional assistance, now is the time to give Courtesy Care a call.

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