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Duct cleaning often remains out of sight and out of mind. After all, the air ducts are built directly into walls, so it’s not something you’re reminded of on a daily basis. With that said, though, you still need to make sure and have the ventilation system cleaned out on an annual basis at the very least. Here are four reasons why you need to check if your air ducts need cleaning.

Allergies and Asthma

Does anyone inside of your home suffer from breathing conditions, such as asthma or airborne-related allergies? If so, it’s important to improve the air quality within your house. Replacing the filters is one way to do this. Taking advantage of HEPA-rated air filters improves the level of dander, dust and other debris protection. However, many of the airborne allergens end up in the vents of your house and need to be removed. Due to this, it is very important to have your entire home’s ventilation system cleaned at least once a year.

Recent Flooding

Flooding of any kind may result in mold. Even if you were proactive and had the water removed quickly, it may still have led to the development of mold spores. Once mold spores develop and enter the vents, mold may spread throughout the rest of your house. Air duct cleaning helps prevent this spread of mold. It’s also recommended to have your house tested for mold following a flood, just to make sure no mold spores are present. If mold is detected, it must be removed.

Following a Home Renovation Project

Home renovations make for fantastic ways of increasing the value of your property. From entire kitchen upgrades to smaller projects, there are many different ways to renovate and remodel your home. While most home contractors do a good job and prevent the spread of work dust, there’s a good chance some of this will end up in the vents throughout your house. Once the dust from wood, drywall, stone or any other building material enters the ventilation system, it will spread throughout the remainder of your house. To prevent this from happening, an air duct cleaning collects and removes the remainder of the renovation dust.

Pets or Smoke

You need to look into air duct cleaning if you do anything out of the ordinary to add strain to your HVAC’s air filters. One of the main culprits is having animals in the house. Hair, skin cells and dirt routinely are kicked into the air by pets. Another major strain on the HVAC system’s air filtration is smoke. No matter the source, smoke clings to the filter and clogs it up. When the filter becomes clogged, smoke begins to stick to walls, which causes off-putting smells inside of your house and also becomes a fire hazard, since smoke may contain tar and other flammable residues. While it’s always recommended to smoke outside in order to avoid this buildup, for anyone who does smoke inside, it’s extremely important to take advantage of available air duct cleanings.

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