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Your home is your safe space. It’s where you go to relax and decompress from the stress of daily life. So the idea of something in your home may make you sick shouldn’t sit well. Mold doesn’t always appear as large blots of green fuzz on the side of a wall. It doesn’t always smell musty and it doesn’t only develop in humid locations (although these are all potential indicators). In order to make sure your home is safe and mold free, it’s important to take advantage of Courtesy Care Restoration and the mold testing services provided. But when should you bring in the professionals for mold testing? Here are some important indicators to follow.

A Musty Odor is Present

Mold doesn’t always come with a musty smell. However, the presence of this aroma is a strong indicator of potential mold problems in the house. If you can see mold it’s too late to test. The entire purpose of mold testing is to identify the spores and have it eliminated from your home before it has a chance to spread. When you smell mold or musty, there’s a chance it’s growing behind the walls of your home. Dry rot is a serious issue that both lead to health problems in the house and breaks down the very foundations of the house.

Previous Leaks in the Home

Have you suffered some kind of plumbing leak? Perhaps a pipe leaked in the wall behind the bathroom or in the floor under the kitchen. While correcting the problem with the plumbing is important, there’s a chance the exposed moisture developed mold. The mold spores are not always present when the leaks are repaired, which means the plumber could have missed it. So if you’ve had any kind of plumbing leak or flooding, it’s a good idea to take advantage of mold testing services right away.

Health Problems

Have you noticed yourself or others in the house suffering from sudden health problems? These are usually respiratory-based but sudden health concerns are often a clue to poor air quality in the house. With these kinds of medical problems, doctors are often unable to identify the exact cause as there are no specific reasons why symptoms exist. By bringing in the team of Courtesy Care Restoration to test for mold, it’s not only possible to identify the presence of mold and have it removed, but you’ll, in turn, see improvement in your health as well.

Buying or Selling a Home

Prior to any kind of housing transaction, it’s important to have the house testing for mold. If you’re planning on selling a house, you want to have documentation of mold testing. This way, the potential buyer can see it’s clear of mold. If you are interested in buying a house and there is no clear indication a recent mold test was done, you need to have the house tested for mold on your own. By testing the home for mold ahead of time you’ll know what you’re getting yourself into. You can also include mold removal costs into your negotiations when placing a final bid on the house.

Your home should never cause you to become ill. It needs to offer you and everyone else inside a safe environment. That’s exactly why Courtesy Care Restoration provides mold testing services. So whether you check off one (or several) of the mentioned indicators, or you just want peace of mind, now is the time to pick up your phone and give the team at Courtesy Care Restoration a call.

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