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Most people are crazy about their seats. They want it looking all good and staying brand new all time. Well, they have all the reasons to feel that way. A good looking couch gives an excellent feeling to the house. You will save on continuous repair and the need to purchase new ones. These are some of the best tips to keep your upholstery looking brand new:

Keeping it clean

When you are looking to keep your couch in the best condition, then regular cleaning is a must. Most probably once a week. When doing the upholstery cleaning ensure that you check on the couch label to see the cleaning instructions. Following the cleaning guidelines, ensure that you use the right method of cleaning hence it will stay maintained longer.

When doing the cleaning, also ensure you remove the cushions and check all around for dust and other particles that might have got underneath. You can also use a bristle brush to deal with the stubborn stains.

Avoid Staining

Stains are at times very stubborn to remove on a couch. When left to stay longer on the spot, they can end up ruining the couch or seat altogether. This means that you should avoid staining the couch.

Know that avoiding stains can be inevitable, you should ensure to spot the stain the stain soon enough and be able to follow the upholstery cleaning guidelines on the couch.

Use a bristle brush and or an all-purpose fabric cleaner to help you remove the stain. After which you should dry it up using a clean towel.

Fluffing it up

You need not be careless when dealing with your couch. When you get up from a particular spot, ensure that you shake it to bale it regain the previous form. It is good for the couch cushion as it will be less likely that the deformed cushion will form into the new shape.

You should do this regularly; it also helps in making the couch look brand new.

Protect the Couch

It is as if everything in this world that you care about needs protection. The couch included. You need to protect the couch from possible damage by stains or the users.

You can apply a stain protector on the couch to avoid the stains. About the users, tell them upfront on how best to care for the sofa. You should also give them details for the upholstery cleaning that they can use to maintain the couch.

Flipping the cushions

The same way with fluffing, you need to ensure that you do some flipping to the cushion from time to time. This is to ensure that the couch maintains the shape that you bought it in. You should also ensure that you flip it to make it look brand new after periods of usage.

Sit in the right place

The couch comes in various shapes and styles, though one of the factors that remain is that every part of the seat has its function. You, therefore, need to be sitting on the cushion. When you sit on the hand rest, you risk weakening the couch rendering it unusable.

Keeping your upholstery looking brand new for a long time is hard work. It requires you to be vigilant about checking the seat, doing regular upholster cleanings using the right methods, as well as the regular flips and fluffs. When you get these steps right, be sure to keep your upholstery looking brand new.


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