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You’ve invested a great deal into a quality oriental rug. These beautiful, ornate decorations are handcrafted works of art that, if properly kept, can last generations. But how do you best take care of your oriental rug on a daily basis in order to ensure it stands the test of time? Beyond the recommended oriental rug cleaning services offered by the team at Courtesy Care Professional Cleaning & Restoration Services, here are the best daily steps you need to perform to help preserve your beautiful rug.

Watch the Sunlight

Sunlight will fade the beautiful dye work of your rug, so you need to be careful when it comes to sunlight. Know how light travels in your home. Perhaps at certain times of the day, sunlight from a nearby window will shine on the rug. In order to avoid direct sunlight on your rug, close the blinds or drapes of the windows letting in the sunlight. It’s also a good idea to move the rug to a room without windows every few months. This will help prevent oversaturating the rug with natural light while bringing in a fresh look to the room.

A note of warning: Also be careful with skylights. They can cause just as much damage, so know where the light shines from your skylight and try avoid placing your rug in these locations.


Vacuuming comes with a number of benefits. For starters, it removes the dirt and grime of daily use and prevents them from nestling into the fibers. Secondly, it prevents moth larvae from inhabiting the rugs. The fiber-rich rugs are prime feeding grounds for moths, and these moths are usually far smaller than the large ones flying into your home when you open the front door. By routinely vacuuming the rug, you’ll prevent moths from laying larvae in your beautiful oriental rug.

If you decide to use moth crystals in the area, make sure to replace these crystals since they lose potency over time. Check the packaging for the recommended removal and replacement periods.

Remove Moisture Right Away

Moisture is possibly public enemy number 1 when it comes to your oriental rug. If the rug stays wet too long, it will begin to develop mildew. Eventually, this mildew will turn into dry rot. The dry rot will cause your rug to deteriorate and eventually fall apart. So you need to do everything in your power to remove moisture right away.

For starters, don’t place the rug in an area where wet feet and shoes will track over it. This is not the kind of rug you should use for absorbing moisture. You should also move it away from potted plants. If water does fall onto your rug, you don’t need to panic, though. Dry it off as best you can with a towel. If it’s a major spill, consider elevating the area you spilled water on and put a fan on low near it to help dry it out. If you spill wine, however, you’ll need oriental rug cleaning services right away.

Each of these steps will help prolong the life of your rug, maintain its color, and keep it looking beautiful for years to come. However, from time to time you will need to turn to the professionals for a deep clean that removes dirt and debris you’re not able to get rid of yourself. Make sure to pick up your phone and give the team at Courtesy Care a call for all your oriental rug cleaning needs.

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