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Grease fires pose serious issues for any kitchen. Whether in a professional kitchen or at home, these fires do not burn out like normal fires, and water does nothing but spread the fire. While keeping the cooking surface clean is necessary, there are other areas of the kitchen where grease fires can break out, especially the vent hood. The vent hood collects grease and other cooking debris, yet often goes without a cleaning due to its location. In order to prevent grease fires, it’s necessary to take advantage of professional vent hood cleaning by the experts at Courtesy Care Professional Cleaning & Restoration Services.

Cleaning the Grease Tray

Depending on the make of the vent hood, there likely is a grease tray somewhere. While a staple in kitchens, many homeowners don’t realize there is a grease tray located in the hood. There are groves within the vent that direct collected grease (which reaches the vent through steam as particles of grease are carried away by the steam) into the tray. This needs to be not only emptied but also cleaned in order to prevent buildup. This also helps reduce smells from coming from the vent.

Complete Vent Hood Cleaning

Some consumer vent hoods may not have the grease tray. In this case, the grease will collect throughout the hood. Regardless of whether there is a vent hood grease tray or not, it’s necessary to deep clean the entire vent. Grease can prove stubborn during the cleaning process, especially if it’s been there for a while. Deep cleaning the vent hood will remove all of the grease and dust that may collect and stick to the grease. This significantly helps reduce the potential of a grease fire. Often it’s not the grease that initially catches fire but the particles stuck within the grease. These catch fire due to the heat of incoming steam and a prolonged, hot cooking surface (plus burning embers that may float away from some food preparation). Should this catch the grease, it will then catch and spread the fire throughout the vent hood.

Taking the Hood Apart

In some cases, certain elements of the vent hood may need to be removed. By removing the vent hood pieces, it becomes easier to access each point where grease and other debris might collect. Only have a cleaning professional take the vent hood apart in order to maintain the complete functionality of the device. With the help of Courtesy Care, the professional will come to your home and deep clean every element of the vent hood. This way, once the cleaning is done and the vent is reassembled (if it was necessary to take elements apart in the first place), it will look and function as it did the day you purchased it. So not only will you improve the functionality of the vent, you’ll help cut down on the possibility of grease fires inside of your home or professional kitchen.

Grease fires are especially dangerous and need to be avoided at all costs. While maintaining a clean cooking surface helps with this, there are other, important steps you need to take. One such step includes using a professional vent hood cleaning service, such as that offered by Courtesy Care. So whether you have questions about the vent hood cleaning services, want to know more about how the company can assist you with your cleaning needs, or you are ready to book a service, now is the perfect time to reach out and give Courtesy Care a call.

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