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The majority of house fires begin with easily preventable issues. From connecting too many devices into a single outlet to furnaces not receiving proper attention, these are areas of concern that routine maintenance and a general understanding can help avoid. The same is true with your dryer vent. Lint from a dryer, paired with the high temperatures of the appliance, can equate to a dangerous fire. That is exactly why taking advantage of dryer vent cleaning is so important. Not only can it help prevent a house fire, but it also improves the efficiency of this appliance as well. With the help of Courtesy Care, your home is in good hands. All it takes is a phone call.

Doing Your Part

Proper dryer vent cleaning begins with you. You can help reduce the amount of lint pushing out into the dryer vent by regularly cleaning out the lint trap. You should clear it out after every load of laundry you run. This will prevent any kind of lint buildup while also improving your appliance’s ability to dry your laundry. This is the first step in preventing home fires while maintaining your dryer.

Professional Dryer Cleaning Services

Lint doesn’t just collect within the dryer. It pushes out into the duct connecting the dryer to the outside. This duct goes from the coil running from the rear of the appliance to the wall. This coil collects a considerable amount of lint and other debris from the dryer. During a professional cleaning, the dryer will be pulled out and the coil disconnected. This way, any kind of debris will be completely cleaned out of the coil.

From here, additional cleaning is needed. The vent running from the dryer to the outside of the house needs to be cleared out. Like the coil and the dryer itself, this area will collect lint. However, unlike other areas of the appliance, this is not something you can do on your own, since it does require special equipment to reach the different areas of the vent.

Boosting Energy Efficiency

By cleaning the lint from your dryer and the dryer duct, you’ll see a sizable improvement in the efficiency of your dryer and a reduction in the amount of energy it uses. As lint builds up within the dryer, it reduces the amount of heat applied to the laundry. This is because the lint blocks the passing of heat into the laundry. If you’ve noticed you need to run the dryer more than one time, it’s likely because of this. Outside of heavy laundry (such as comforters or other thick blankets that absorb a considerable amount of moisture during a wash), you should never need to run the dryer more than one time.

When you clear out the dryer and remove the lint, it dries your clothes faster. This will help you save time while doing laundry, and you won’t need to run the dryer multiple times on a single load. This saves you money and cuts down on the wear and tear on the appliance. All of this comes from having the vents cleaned out.

Taking care of your home’s dryer is important, since it helps prevent potential house fires while also improving the energy efficiency of your appliance. Dryer vent cleaning offered by Courtesy Care will do all of this. So, if you have a question regarding our services, or you’re ready to book an appointment with us, now is the perfect time to pick up your phone and give us a call.

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