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Discolored water, elevated water bills, warm sections in your floor and soaked carpets, ceilings and walls are among the most common signs of failing plumbing in your home. Although the pipes used in most homesteads are designed to be durable, they sometimes burst or develop leaks that cause water damage in your home. Broken pipes might ultimately necessitate other restoration services, like mold removal, if not detected at an early stage. Leaks can occur around showers, bathtubs, sinks, washing machines and toilets. Some leaks can be easily detected, but some could be causing damage sneakily without your knowledge. Either way, the following professional restoration process can get your house back in order.


Experts from water damage restoration companies will begin by inspecting your home to determine the source of the leakage. After pinpointing the source, these technicians will begin by stopping the leakage before initiating repairs. Pipes with minimal leaks can be repaired, while those that are severely damaged should be replaced.

Creating a Restoration Plan

After stopping the water from leaking, the professionals will create a restoration plan, which is accomplished by examining the extent of the damage. Such an inspection will tell them how much water has flooded your home, how far the moisture has spread and how damp your items are. They utilize the gathered information to create a strategic water damage restoration plan.

Removing the Water

Before initiating the water removal process, any affected items, such as carpets, should be removed and professionally cleaned. Depending on the extent of damage, some items may or may not be salvageable. From your attic to the basement, these professionals employ state-of-the-art equipment to extract all of the flooding water. They also examine hidden spaces, such as under the subfloors and behind walls, to ensure that no affected area has been left out in the restoration process

Drying all Affected Areas

Extracting water from your home is hardly enough. The next step entails drying all the affected areas so as not to leave any moisture lying around. This is a very critical step, since areas that are not completely dry are susceptible to mold growth, which can adversely affect personal belonging and structural components, such as drywall. Mold can also pose severe health issues to your family. Restoration professionals will use specialized equipment that includes dehumidifiers and air movers to remove any retained moisture. Your home is then left open to allow the optimal circulation of fresh air.

Cleaning and Sanitization

Water damage restoration experts use approved, high-quality products to clean and sanitize anything that was affected by moisture. Ceilings, walls, floors and any items that were not completely damaged are included in this process. Also, all the things that cannot be saved are removed and disposed of properly. Professional companies also offer specialized treatment for hardwood, concrete, brick and other surfaces that are not easily dried.

If burst water pipes have led to severe damage, professional restoration companies can also offer finishing and renovation services, depending on your specific requirements. You need to keep in mind that water damage from burst toilet pipes requires bio-hazardous decontamination procedures.

The majority of property losses associated with water damage that most homeowners experience are caused by leaky pipes. Whether it seeps from a crack or loose fitting or gushes from a burst pipe, uncontrolled water can be very dangerous. Water damage from a burst pipe can lead to heavy property losses and mold growth if not dealt with as soon as possible. Fortunately, professionals from Courtesy Care are well-equipped and ready to restore your home to its normal condition.


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