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The typical homeowner lets their area rug build up dirt until it becomes visible before having a deep cleaning performed. Most people have no idea about how frequently their area rugs should be cleaned. This lack of awareness is perfectly understandable, since the frequency of area rug deep cleanings is not exactly a common point of discussion in the mainstream media. Let’s take a look at how frequently your area rug should be cleaned to look its best at all times.

Area Rug Cleaning

In general, an area rug should be vacuumed at least once per week. Just be careful to avoid damaging the rug’s fringe when you vacuum. Furthermore, rotating the area rug a couple times per year will help even out the wear and tear. Be sure to take a close look at your area rug manufacturer’s advice for the cleaning schedule necessary to maintain its warranty. However, this basic cleaning will not get down deep into the rug’s fibers. Your area rug needs more than a weekly superficial cleaning to stay in tip-top shape and look its best.

Area Rug Deep Cleanings

Dust, dirt and other particles will eventually become trapped in your area rug. This is precisely why a deep cleaning performed by our professionals is essential. Such a deep cleaning should occur once per year. However, the level of foot traffic your area rug receives also matters a great deal. Even the type of foot traffic plays a role in the area rug’s condition. From people wearing boots to dogs with muddy feet, the type of foot traffic in the context of area rug cleanings certainly matters.

Those who have pets in the house will undoubtedly require an area rug deep cleaning at least once per year, if not more frequently. Furthermore, those who have allergies or respiratory conditions should have their area rug deep cleaned at least once every six months or more frequently. In some cases, a home has multiple indoor animals, people with allergies and/or people with respiratory issues. Such a home’s area rugs should be cleaned on a quarterly basis. This means the area rug will require a deep cleaning every three months.

Why Area Rugs Should be Deep Cleaned Regularly

Area rugs are beautiful and comfy, and they make a house or apartment truly feel like a legitimate home. Have your area rug deep cleaned as often as noted above, and you will find that your rug looks and feels fantastic. Perhaps more importantly, you will get more years out of your area rug when it is deep cleaned on a regular basis.

Though your area rug might look fine on the surface, it will trap those invisible airborne pollutants and allergens that have the potential to lower your indoor air quality and your rug’s quality. Rug soils tend to be quite dry. If rug soils accumulate to a high level, they will compromise the look and feel of the rug. A deep cleaning removes these dry soils, including allergens and bacteria, to make your area rug look its best in the days, weeks and months to come.

Do Not Attempt a DIY Area Rug Cleaning Beyond Vacuuming

Store-purchased area rug cleaners have the potential to damage your rug. Plenty of those who have attempted a DIY cleaning with a cleaner available at the store ultimately end up with a rug that is bleached, spotted, generally ugly and odorous. Do not do this to your area rug! Depend on our area rug cleaning experts at Courtesy Care to perform a deep cleaning, so your rug will look amazing.

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