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Nothing is more traumatizing than dealing with the aftermath of a fire; it can threaten your family’s sense of security. The initial 24 to 48 hours of fire damage are critical to stabilizing your residence and ensuring the successful recovery of as much property as possible. This is because the smoke and acidic soot produced when the fire is being extinguished can accelerate the deterioration of your home’s vital assets.

It is, therefore, imperative to promptly contact a reputable water and fire restoration company that offers 24/7 emergency service. The damage caused by a fire can be difficult to reverse because it involves the removal of soot, odors and water, which is usually beyond the capacity of any homeowner. The following are reasons why emergency water and fire damage restoration is essential.

Preventing the Development of Smelly Odors

The smoke created by fire leaves behind offensive odors. If you allow these smells to linger for too long, they can penetrate deep into your home’s contents and become impossible to eliminate. Also, items that were directly affected by smoke can deteriorate if not cleaned as soon as possible. The smoke particles are too tiny to be trapped in air filters, which necessitate seeking the services of a water and fire restoration company.

Saving More Items

Even after the fire has been put out, your house and personal items can sustain damage due to smoke and water. Smoke can permanently discolor numerous materials within hours. Moreover, the water used to put out a home fire shouldn’t be left unattended for long because it can lead to mold growth, which causes more damage to your items and can also be a health hazard. Therefore, the faster you call a restoration company offering 24/7 emergency service, the more items you can save.

Preventing Extra Repairs

If the smoke and soot are not addressed promptly, your paint, linens, ceilings and floors will be severely damaged, which will lead to expensive repairs. Worse still, when your home sits in the water used to put out the fire for too long, your property is likely to suffer extensive damage. For instance, mold has a high growth rate, and it can quickly affect your drywall, causing damage overnight. You need to swiftly seek help from a 24/7 emergency service for water damage remediation regardless of the hour.

Reducing Restoration Needs

Delaying the restoration process will necessitate hiring several restoration companies to handle the mess. For instance, water damage will call for the need to hire mold removal services. You will also require professional carpet and upholstery cleaning to remove the smoke and smelly odors. If your furniture and carpets are severely damaged, your fire and water damage restoration company might have to dispose of them and advise you to have them replaced.

Eliminating Harmful Chemicals

Plastics and other materials produce several chemicals as they burn. If inhaled, these chemicals can cause serious health issues. A water and fire damage restoration company that offers 24/7 emergency service knows what to do to get rid of these chemicals. They also have the required cleaning tools and the techniques.

Fire often causes immeasurable damage, and the water used to put it out can lead to even more harm when not addressed. From harmful chemicals and smoke to mold growth, damage from fire and water can be far-reaching. Having a fire and water damage restoration company on speed dial can help you prevent extensive losses. At Courtesy Care, we are a competent water and fire restoration company that is armed with the right skills and knowledge required to save your home.

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