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Your home is arguably your most valuable investment, and when floods occur, you might experience moderate to severe damage. In the event of water damage, it is imperative to act promptly because moisture and standing water create a conducive environment for bacteria and mold growth. Besides, exposing yourself and your family to this kind of environment can potentially trigger allergic reactions.

Whether the flooding has been caused by a leaky roof, broken pipes or even a hurricane, it is essential to have the contaminated and wet materials cleaned thoroughly as soon as possible. Fortunately, you can rely on emergency cleaning services to ease your mind and restore your home to its previous condition.


The reparation procedure begins with a thorough inspection, which involves professional assessment of the extent of damage in your home. This inspection is extremely crucial because it establishes the class and category of water damage, which in turn helps the technicians offering emergency cleaning services to outline an effective plan for restoring your property.

Water removal

The cleaning professionals utilize state of the art vacuums and pumps to remove all the water from your premises. Water removal must begin immediately to avoid  mold and bacteria growth. This is why you should have a company offering emergency cleaning 24/7 on speed dial.


After successfully removing of all of the standing water and vacuuming the absorbent surfaces, the drying and dehumidification process begins. This step is primarily focused on clearing up any residual moisture after water removal. The drying process might take a couple of weeks to be fully completed.


All your personal belongings in the house require thorough cleaning and sanitizing to prevent unwanted bacteria and mold growth. This includes clothing, carpeting, and drapery, which are afforded antimicrobial treatments.

Odor Removal and Deodorization

Wet materials have a very distinct and offensive odor. The professionals at Courtesy Care are adequately trained to identify and subsequently eliminate unpleasant odors. Armed with their technical expertise, fogging equipment and industrial grade air scrubbers, they will go beyond simply masking odors, which is especially helpful if your problem is persistent.


This is the most critical step in reversing the impact of water damage on your home. The technicians offering emergency cleaning services will often advise you to replace materials like drywall and insulation. While in most cases this process involves simple installation of the drywall and a few panels, more serious cases require the replacement of the entire wall. This task is best left to the professionals to not expose your family to toxic substances like asbestos and lead during the restoration process.

If water damage occurs undetected, you might not be able to prevent mold growth. For instance, tiny leaks in the pipes or the roof can persist for months without being noticed. In such situations, the restoration process takes longer as mold removal and remediation is a complicated process.

Failure to have your home cleaned and dried within 48 hours would require discarding some materials. This is why you need to call a knowledgeable technician offering emergency cleaning services to mitigate the losses associated with water damage. Restoring your home to pre-damaged and livable condition entails quick water removal, decontamination, and thorough drying.

Your walls, ceilings, and flooring will receive a proper cleaning. In addition to cleaning the structure of your home, the skilled technicians from Courtesy Care will also clean your upholstery and clothing among other restorable belongings that have been damaged by water. These technicians will also utilize air scrubbers to remove moisture and particles from your indoor air.


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