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Carpet cleaning is a task that is best left to the experts. However, between professional cleaning sessions, you might need to clean your carpet on your own. Regardless of your best efforts to maintain cleanliness, your carpet is bound to become victim to spills and stains. Among the top reasons for the enhanced effectiveness of professional carpet cleaning is the use of high-powered equipment that essentially extracts more dirt and water than your average DIY system can eliminate. Have you ever seen a carpet that was so excellently cleaned that you couldn’t help wonder how the professionals accomplished such a great job? Well, these technicians probably employed the following tricks.

Blotting Stains Rather Than Rubbing Them

When you come across a spill or a stain on your carpeting, your first instinct is probably to rub it in to soak it up. However, doing this will only serve to drive the stain deeper into the carpeting fibers. Professional carpet cleaners in Bartlesville, OK blot stains instead of rubbing them, which can be achieved by setting a washcloth on top of the spill and subsequently pressing straight down. This will allow much of the liquid to soak up into the washcloth; do this repeatedly until the cloth stops drawing up any more liquid.


Routine Reapplication of Carpet Protector

You can significantly prolong the lifespan of your carpeting through regular cleaning and the reapplication of a carpet protector. This gives the stains and spills a harder time penetrating your carpet while allowing you to remove them faster in case they make it to the carpeting fibers. The carpet cleaning experts in Bartlesville, OK apply the protector in order to protect your investment and improve its overall appearance.

Using Dish Soap on Greasy Stains

Nothing beats dish soap when it comes to the expedient removal of greasy stains; even professional carpet cleaners in Bartlesville, OK use it. Get yourself the super concentrated version, and combine a portion of it with a cup of water. Spraying this mixture onto the greasy stain, allowing it to sit for awhile and subsequently blotting it up will go a long way toward removing it. The dish soap operates by breaking down the grease molecules, which then detach from the carpeting fibers.

Utilizing Heat and Cold as Required

If you have gum or wax sticking to your carpeting, you can count on the power of heat or cold for easy removal. While professional carpet cleaners have access to powerful heating and cleaning tools, you may use similar methods to remove wax and gum without pulling a bunch of fibers from your carpeting. For instance, you can remove candle wax from your carpeting by allowing an iron on low heat to rest for awhile on a clean cloth that is placed over the wax. The heat from the hot iron will melt the wax, making it easy for you to use a blunt item, like a knife, to scrape it off. For gum, you may use ice cubes to chill it, allowing you to pick it off the carpeting fibers once it gets hard and frozen.

Appropriately cleaning your carpet is an integral part of maintaining its fresh appearance. After cleaning your carpeting, it is imperative that you let it dry completely. A wet rug becomes dirty again easily, and it can also harbor musty odors and mold. Employing the secrets discussed above will ensure that you get your carpet clean and prolong its life. You may also choose to call a professional carpet cleaner in Bartlesville, OK for enhanced effectiveness and convenience.


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