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Having your carpet cleaning done properly can be the difference between an unhealthy winter inside your home and a more pleasant winter overall. A clean carpet is part of a healthy home and provides peace of mind until the spring thaw. With the right technicians and great response times, Courtesy Care will help you have your carpet looking and feeling like new again.

Why Get Your Carpet Cleaned?

Getting your carpet cleaned can be done for a variety of reasons. First, the feeling of a dirty carpet is unpleasant and can even be uncomfortable. Also, your family’s health can be affected by the dirt in your carpet. Dirt can get kicked up every time someone steps on the carpet, which causes it to be in the air. When your family breathes in that dirt, it can make them sick. Getting carpet cleaning done can stave off this nuisance. Further, many of the higher end carpets will actually lose their warranty protection if they are not routinely deep cleaned.

Trained Technicians

Technician training is a vital part of having your carpets cleaned properly. The best tools in the wrong hands could be damaging to your carpets and the areas surrounding them. When the technician knows precisely what tools to use throughout your home and can do this efficiently, your day gets that much easier. With highly trained and experienced carpet technicians, your carpets will be treated gently and left looking virtually as good as the day you had them installed.


Being on time is an important part of every successful home maintenance task, and carpet cleaning is no exception to that rule. The prompt service you get from a premier quality company like Courtesy Care starts the process of building trust, and this only continues as the technician seems to work magic on your carpet. Being on time is also important because you undoubtedly have more interesting things to do with your day than sit around waiting for the technician to show up. Good companies give you a reasonable window of time and let you know if something is going to interfere with it.

Guaranteed Results

Quality companies stand behind their work and take responsibility for the job being done properly. This kind of quality standard shows up in everything a good company does. When your carpets need cleaning, you need that job done properly with no delays or excuses. The kind of company that will show up on time and do the job properly or come back and fix it is the kind of company you want working for you.

The Tools for the Job

With the right equipment, every kind of job is faster and easier to do properly. The folks at Courtesy Care recognize that an ordinary vacuum is not strong enough to lift the dirt out of your carpets properly. In addition, a proper steam machine is needed to get your carpet fibers to open up. With the methods of carpet cleaning that Courtesy Care uses, you can rest assured that your carpets will be kept in the best shape possible.

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When you need carpet cleaning, you do not want to trust it to just anyone. Use the long tradition of service in Oklahoma and Arkansas as your guide to trusting Courtesy Care. With the friendliest back room people ensuring top quality, highly trained technicians with the right tools for the job and a reputation for treating people well, Courtesy Care is the company you need when your carpets are less than ideally clean. Contact Courtesy Care today to get your quote!

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