Broken Pipes in Northwest Arkansas – Help! | Winter Water Damage

Water damage during the winter time is not just about ice dams in your gutters. In many cases, the winter weather can result in freezing and broken pipes that can contribute to all kinds of problems. Left unchecked, these broken pipes can lead to mold, rot and more. Fortunately, these problems can be fixed. You just have to use the right people to get the problem taken care of quickly.

Why Pipes Break

Any child could tell you that when water gets cold, it freezes. When the temperature goes below freezing outside, parts of your home that are near the outer walls are especially vulnerable to the effects of the cold. If there are pipes in those walls, they may end up freezing. The colder it gets outside, the higher the likelihood that some of your pipes may end up freezing. Since most pipes are rigid, if the ice becomes too dense they can only break. The older a pipe gets, the weaker it tends to become. The problem is even worse if someone did a repair in the past using sub-par pipes or the wrong fittings.

Why Broken Pipes are Bad

Broken pipes obviously mean less water pressure where you want it to go. This is the least of your problems. A burst pipe is naturally a leaking pipe, and this water can do a lot of damage. The damage that broken pipes can do is extensive, as the water will breed mold. If this mold goes unchecked inside your walls, it can lead to serious structural damage to your home. It can even lead to your family getting sick from the mold spores. The sooner you take care of a broken pipe, the less damage you will have to deal with later. Of course, the best approach is to head off the problem entirely and prevent pipe breakage.

Stopping the Problem Early

One thing you can do to prevent pipes from breaking is to ensure that they are insulated. For pipes that run through your home’s interior, they can get warm air from your home if you open a closet or cupboard to let in warmer air. There are even heating elements you can have installed that will keep the pipes warm enough to prevent freezing. You can also keep the water running at a steady trickle since moving water does not freeze as easily as sitting water.

When Prevention Fails

Sometimes, the best efforts are not enough to prevent a problem. When you discover that your pipes have broken, taking quick action will minimize the damage. If you can, turn off the water to the area of pipe that you believe has burst. If you feel confident cutting open the drywall to get to the pipe, you can do that to let the water inside your walls dry. The sooner you stop the flow of water, the less damage will be done.

Calling in the Pros

When a pipe bursts, call the people who can make things right. You want your home to be comfortable and lovely again, and the folks from Courtesy Care can help you throughout the repairs. Once your pipes are fixed, the full restoration can begin. Your home can look its best no matter how many pipes burst, and we can make it happen. When your pipes burst, you need the professional skills and equipment of Courtesy Care to help.

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