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When you think about carpet cleaning, there is a good chance that you think primarily of aesthetics. After all, a clean home is a home with peace of mind and a place where you feel more at home. These are definitely important, but they are far from the only excellent reasons for professional carpet cleaning.

Dirt in the Air

When your carpets get dirty, the dirt never obediently stays on the ground. Whenever someone walks, shuffles, runs, jumps or does anything on the carpet, a portion of the dirt gets quite literally kicked up. Once the dirt is in the air, it can wreak havoc through your heating and air conditioning system. From there, the unhealthiness of not having carpet cleaning performed regularly will show itself in a hurry.

No matter how good your air filters are, some of the dirt is going to get through or around them. Once this dirt finds its way into your air ducts, it is going to be distributed with amazing efficiency. This can put additional strain on the motors of your AC system, but the worst part is that this dirt in the air is going to be breathed in constantly. During winter, when people are indoors more often, everyone in your home is going to breathe in this dirt at all hours.

Dirt and Germs

It is tempting to imagine that dirt is simply a natural, healthy part of the world everyone lives in. Unfortunately, dirt is absolutely disgusting. It has bits of human skin, animal fur, bits of feces that have been mixed in and endless amounts of bacteria. That dirt can make your family sick if they breathe it in, so keeping it out of your home is a powerful step toward keeping your family healthy. Carpet cleaning will remove that dirt in a safe way, so that no one in your home will be breathing it in.

Damaged Carpeting

Dirt may feel soft most of the time, especially if you have clay soil. However, much of the time, dirt is a lot like tiny razor blades. These “dirt blades” will slice through your carpet whenever someone moves on top of the carpet. This can prematurely wear out the carpet that you paid so much for. Also, not having the carpet cleaned can even void its warranty. Additionally, as the carpet wears out, it can become a tripping hazard that you will only realize when you try to walk around in the middle of the night. At that point, a visit to the emergency room might be more necessary than carpet cleaning.

Peace of Mind

One of the healthiest things your home can provide is peace of mind. When your home is clean and a deep breath reveals a neutral, pleasant aroma, peace of mind is natural and can help keep you from stressing out. Your home is your base, and it is among the few things in life over which you have almost total control. However, avoiding the investment of carpet cleaning can do the exact opposite by depriving you of a peaceful existence and making your blood pressure rise.

Steam Power

Sadly, vacuuming is not enough to rid your carpet of the nastiness inside. The level of cleaning needed to get your carpet truly clean requires professional equipment and steam power. The steam opens up the fibers of your carpet, rather like how clothes seem to change sizes in the dryer, and lets the dirt be pulled away. Hiring professional carpet cleaners, like the ones at Courtesy Care in Northwest Arkansas, with training, equipment and experience can provide a different level of cleanliness.

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